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Steel Aircraft Hangars

MBMI steel aircraft hangars can span over 200 feet without the need for interior columns to accommodate the largest aircrafts in the world. We custom design your steel hangar to have a Bi-Fold door, Hydroswing door, sliding stack door or a combination of different framed openings. We can also add smaller pockets doors to your large framed openings for easy access.

Aircraft hangars are unlike other steel buildings. The engineering that goes behind building a secure hangar is complex in comparison to other building types. Hangars are built with large clear spans and heavy doors that provide the large openings that aircrafts require. MBMI's in-house engineers use their knowledge of the intricacies of airplane hangars to design custom pre-engineered steel hangars.

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Steel aircraft hangar

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They are not a broker like most other companies, and that is why I chose to go with them. I am very pleased.

Lynn Nelson, Texas

We know that the maintenance and repairs of a vehicles quickly become very expensive, which why we suggest housing your vehicle in a steel garage to eliminate the preventable problems that occur to a vehicle left to the mercy of the weather's harsh elements. Take a proactive approach to maintaining your vehicle and maximizing its resale value; invest in a steel garage.

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  • steel airplane hangar door opening

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MBMI Steel Hangars

Airplanes are used for a variety of things, from military purposes to travel and agricultural use. Whatever airplanes are used for, one thing is for sure; most of time they will be on the surface of the earth. While on land, aircrafts have to be stored in a secure structure that ensures its safety and protects its expensive and delicate components. Continuously exposing aircrafts to abrasive weather conditions, such as damp air, sun, rain, and even sand, can be perilous.

  • Made out of steel to withstand weather and time - up to 200mph winds
  • Offer a variety of framed opening options
  • Can span over 200 feet without interior columns
  • Mold proof, termite proof, fire resistant

MBMI designs and engineers first-rate aircraft hangars at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a small hangar for a Cessna or a large custom made steel airplane hangar built to fit a C-130. Whatever you need, we can make it. We design for commercial, private, and military airports.

Our engineers at MBMI buildings design airplane hangar that can be constructed with the use of minimal equipment by anyone with minimal experience. All of our steel buildings are delivered pre-drilled, pre-punched, pre-engineered to fit together seamlessly to save both time and money in the construction process. MBMI designs its hangars to be easily adaptable so you can use it for any variety of your storage needs. Large or small, all of our airplane hangars are built with the same engineering, strength, and precision.

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