Steel Aircraft Hangars

When you own or service aircraft of any kind, you’re caring for a significant investment that demands protection

Why choose MBMI for pre-engineered steel aircraft hangars?

Aircraft hangars are unlike other steel buildings. The engineering that goes behind building a secure hangar is complex in comparison to other building types. Hangars are built with large clear spans and heavy doors that provide the large openings that aircrafts require. MBMI’s in-house engineers use their knowledge of the intricacies of airplane hangars to design custom pre-engineered steel hangars. Our team is deeply experienced in creating metal structures, and we apply that experience toward creating the perfect prefabricated metal aircraft hangars to fit your unique needs.


Made of steel, our prefabricated metal aircraft hangars can certainly withstand the elements, including winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

Fully customized

Get the custom engineered steel aircraft hangars you want and need when you choose from among our many framed opening options. You can also choose secure steel aircraft hangars that span up to 200 feet without interior columns.


Steel aircraft hangars for commercial use from MBMI are mold, termite and fire resistant — which means added security for the aircraft you store inside.

When you own or service aircraft of any kind, you’re caring for a significant investment that demands protection – not just to protect your investment, but also to help keep your aircraft safe to fly. At MBMI Metal Buildings, we offer steel aircraft hangars that can span over 200 feet without the need for interior columns to accommodate the largest aircrafts in the world. We can custom design your metal aircraft hangars to have a Bi-Fold door, Hydroswing door, sliding stack door or a combination of different framed openings – what is best to meet your operation’s unique needs. We can also add smaller pockets doors to your large framed openings for easy access. At MBMI Metal Buildings, we focus on delivering large steel aircraft hangars and other metal structures that protect belongings and investments from the elements and wear and tear.

Do you need an exceptionally large clear space?

No problem! Our steel buildings can be made to fit any needs you may have! Our hangars can be built with up to a 200ft span without any need for interior columns giving you the maximum usable space.

Customers testimonials

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I’m very happy with the service and the quality of the building. Thank you

We know that the maintenance and repairs of a vehicles quickly become very expensive, which why we suggest housing your aircraft in a steel garage to eliminate the preventable problems that occur when an aircraft is left to the mercy of the weather’s harsh elements. Take a proactive approach to maintaining your aircraft and maximizing its resale value; invest in a steel garage.

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