Steel Aircraft Hangars

When you own or service aircraft of any kind, you’re caring for a significant investment that demands protection.

Steel Aircraft Hangars - More Than Just Metal

We understand that your hangar is more than just a building where your airplanes are kept – for you, it is a place where you breathe life into your dreams. At MBMI, our goal is to provide our customers with hangars that ensure their investments remain secure.

Choose MBMI today for your aircraft hangars and you’ll get buildings that are:

  1. Affordable, our prices are hard to beat for the quality we provide
  2. Low maintenance
  3. Easy to build
  4. Made with only the highest quality materials
  5. Tailored to meet your specifications

It is extremely important that your prized investments are properly protected, and steel offers the design flexibility and strength needed to ensure not just the safety, but also, the correct maintenance of your aircraft. All our steel buildings are designed according to use and feature heavy doors & clear span framing, making it possible to maximize space.

Already have a design you want brought to life? Contact us! Not sure of your exact specifications? Contact us too! Whatever your needs, a steel building from MBMI is the most trustworthy solution for an aircraft hangar.

MBMI Airplane Hangars

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Metal Building Hangars for Aircraft and Other Equipment

Because we are committed to meeting all of your needs, our steel metal hangars are designed to optimize your business’ unique processes.


More than any other material, metal is known as a very cost-efficient way to build. Plus, because our metal buildings are resistant to rust and mold, you end up saving even more money in the long run Steel aircraft hangars for commercial use from MBMI are fire resistant — which means added security for the aircraft you store inside.


Made of steel, our prefabricated metal aircraft hangars can certainly withstand the elements, including winds of up to 200 miles per hour.MBMI provides a high quality product that includes a 40-year paint warranty for steel panels, premium lifetime fasteners (guaranteed not to rust), our 4″ x 3″ base angle (twice the size of most metal buildings) protects the slab and adds strength and stability to our buildings, and MBMI uses purlin strapping which greatly increases purlin strength and eliminates purlin rotation and sag.


Simple or complex - there is no limit on creating a unique design to fit your exact needs. Other ways of customization is by choosing different color combination or even adding different materials to the exterior. Some might choose to add wood veneers, brick facades, vinyl siding or even stone work.

Energy Efficient

MBMI Metal Buildings leading edge panel coatings are Energy Star approved. Very few companies in the industry offer such an advanced green product. Energy star qualified metal roofs are more reflective of the Sun’s rays. Reflecting the Sun reduces the amount of heat transferred into a building, which reduces the amount of energy needed to air condition a building. Energy Star qualified roofs can reduce a building’s peak cooling demand by 10-15 percent. Reducing a building’s use of peak hour energy – the most expensive energy – can translate to an annual energy cost savings of up to 40%. You will save money on energy costs while lowering your carbon footprint.

Easy to Construct

Our workmanship and detailing are the best available and make erecting our buildings trouble free. We offer many testimonials from recent customers who will attest to this. Our detailing supervisors are the best in the steel building industry with over 50 years combined experience.

When you own or service aircraft of any kind, you’re caring for a significant investment that demands protection – not just to protect your investment, but also to help keep your aircraft safe to fly. At MBMI Metal Buildings, we offer steel aircraft hangars that can span over 200 feet without the need for interior columns to accommodate the largest aircrafts in the world. We can custom design your metal aircraft hangars to have a Bi-Fold door, Hydroswing door, sliding stack door or a combination of different framed openings – what is best to meet your operation’s unique needs. We can also add smaller pockets doors to your large framed openings for easy access. At MBMI Metal Buildings, we focus on delivering large steel aircraft hangars and other metal structures that protect belongings and investments from the elements and wear and tear.

Do you need an exceptionally large clear space?

No problem! Our steel buildings can be made to fit any needs you may have! Our hangars can be built with up to a 200ft span without any need for interior columns giving you the maximum usable space.


In-House Engineerings

All of our custom-design and engineering is done in-house, giving us complete control of all aspects of your project. MBMI can meet and exceed all building loads & codes nationwide. This gives us a huge advantage in regards to quality control as well as quick turn-around even on complex projects. MBMI does not outsource any engineering overseas.

In-House Detailing

Our in-house drafting team has many years of experience in the industry. This allows us to produce a building that fits together right the first time. Since we do not outsource any drafting overseas, we can deliver a building faster then most of the industry!

In-House Customer Service

Our service is #1. Ask our customers! Our designers and engineers are here to help you during any part of your project. We have 200+ testimonials on our site, great reviews & ratings on Google, and A+ rating on BBB. 

Energy Star rated panels

Save on electricity costs by regulating your buildings temperature at peak hours using MBMI’s energy star rated panels!

Windows and skylights

In addition to energy star rated panels, we also use skylights and windows to maximize natural light thereby reducing your electricity bill.

Recycled steel

The steel we use to build our hangars are made up of up to 60% recycled metal

Solar panels

Reduce energy costs and eliminating dependency electric companies by metal aircraft hangars with pre-installed solar panels.

What our customers say

We know that the maintenance and repairs of a vehicles quickly become very expensive, which why we suggest housing your aircraft in a steel garage to eliminate the preventable problems that occur when an aircraft is left to the mercy of the weather's harsh elements. Take a proactive approach to maintaining your aircraft and maximizing its resale value; invest in a steel garage.

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