Best Metal Roofing Products for 2013

Best metal roofing products of 2013 - Centurio

When it comes to metal roofing, you need more than technique to produce a quality product. You need the tools and machinery to accomplish the designated task. The importance of using quality products and machinery cannot be overestimated. This article will provide a bit of insight into some of the best metal roofing products in the world.

Coil Processing, Slitting & Shearing

  • The Centurio

    When it comes to cutting sheet metal, the Centurio is the best there is in the world. This machine is 100 percent fully automated. Every element of the adjustment process of this machine is done automatically based on the type and size of the metal being used. This machine actually has a material database that allows you to select the type of metal being used; allowing the machine to adjust to the gauge of the steel. The Centurio has the capacity to house up to 11,000 pounds of coil within its automated warehousing system.
  • The Schlebach Taper Slasher

    The automation process on this machine is extraordinary. Simply enter the dimensions you desire for the tapered panels, and the control system makes the necessary adjustments, creating the proper angle for the tapered cut. This machine is the ideal piece of equipment for slitting coil at tapered angles at speeds that reach a maximum of 60 feet per minute. You can run a number of different shapes, including conical, tapered and straight.
  • The Slasher (GS)

    This Slasher GS is the Slasher on steroids. In addition to having a guillotine shear, which has the capacity to reduce the overall cycle time by as much as 70 percent, this machine also has more horse power, providing the capacity for greater power and speed. This monster can do all that the Taper Slasher can do plus a few added tricks.

Curving Solutions

The ability to accurately and effectively curve metal is an intricate and vital part of metal roofing. Below you will find 3 machines that will make your metal bending tasks run so much smoother than usual.

  • RBM 25.38

    If you are in need of a machine that has the power and capacity to perform applications such as barrel roofs, cupolas, dormers and arches, then the RBM 25.38 is the machine for you. In addition to performing the aforementioned applications, this awesome piece of machinery is also designed to produce precision curved profile panels. The RBM 25.38 can also be used for applications such as cupolas, dormers, barrel roofs, and arches.
  • RBM 50

    If you are in need of a powerful yet simple solution to your curving needs, the RBM 50 is the answer to your curving issues. This powerhouse is designed to curve structural steel in a manner that insures that it conforms to the most stringent wind and safety standards. Whether you are performing arch bending, creating vaulted roofs or simply creating shapes for dormers, the RBM 50 is adequately equipped for the task. The machine even has the capability to curve steel panels into elliptical shapes, as well as bend tapered panels. If you are looking for tapered panels, look no further.
  • The Bend Boy

    For those jobs that require the ability to bend 90 degree flanges to as much as 2 inches in height, the Bend Boy is the optimal machine for the job. The Bend Boy is a handy piece of equipment that is perfect for curving U-panels made for dormer tops, as well as other types of trim. Despite its strength, the Bend Boy is gentle enough to be used on color coated metal as well. The machine also allows you to work the metal uniformly without compromising the integrity of the metal.

When it comes to metal roofing, having the right equipment is a must. Using any of the products listed here would definitely be a great place to start.

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