Pros and cons of steel structure homes vs traditional timber

The structure of your home is of great importance as it is the skeleton of the house, giving the rooms and the entire home shape and support. It's therefore essential that you have the best material available for the structure.

Two of the main materials most frequently used are steel and timber. Timber is a lot more traditional, however steel is becoming more and more popular in the contemporary world.

Each of these types of material has its advantages and disadvantages, some of which are discussed in more depth below.

Long Lasting

Steel does not deteriorate over time as it maintains its strength indefinitely. This means that steel structures last a lot longer than the traditional timber ones, very advantageous for the overall structure and stability of the house.

This also means that less maintenance needs carrying out and as such, it is an easier structure to look after. Steel is an extremely durable material, which also results in an increased longevity. Conversely, timber structures do not last as long and have to replace much sooner.


Another significant advantage of steel structures is that they are particularly strong. They can endure a variety of weather types, unlike more traditional wooden ones. Timber framework can often rot and become infected with woodworm, which ultimately could result in the collapse of the structure, rendering it very unsafe.

Timber is also prone to warping if it becomes damp or wet, and this could result in the entire structure being moved or changed. Steel structured homes are so sturdy that they can withstand extreme weather conditions, and even substantial earthquakes (if they are made with reinforced steel).


There are a variety of advantages and disadvantages of steel structured homes vs the traditional timber structures. Depending on where you live and what kind of conditions the structure will need to endure will be a key factor to consider when choosing your home's structure material.

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Article by Robert Walpole, structural engineer for Laurier, a scaffolding company based in London, and keen copy editor. He develops scaffolding promotion and builds partnerships in the construction industry. Laurier provides scaffolding supplies for the field helping to finish constructions efficiently and safely.