The Benefits of Steel as a Building Material

There are many different benefits of using steel as a building material.

Video transcription

Hi everyone. Welcome to another episode of "The Ultimate Guide to Metal Buildings".

In today's episode we will be discussing the benefits of steel as a building material.

The use of steel as a building material, for both residential and commercial applications is growing in popularity over more conventional materials - such as cement block and/or wood.

There are number of reasons for this growth:

Number one - Strength: Steel buildings are extremely strong and sturdy but at the same time they can be flexible in the event of an earthquake - unlike a typical block or brick design.

Number two - Durability: Steel is immune to insects, mold and rodents. It is more heat resistant than a wood building - and of course that means less of a fire hazard. Steel also holds up well in severe winds and heavy snow fall.

Number three - Cost effective: Steel Buildings are typically less expensive than other building materials and because the components are pre-drilled and pre-numbered it goes up very quickly with significantly less labor costs. Steel is also very easy to maintain unlike other building materials.

Number four - Eco-friendly: Steel is considered a "green product". It is not only recyclable but also has a longer usable life than other more conventional materials. Energy star paints are growing in popularity around the country. And finally with the increased use of a solar power it should be noted that is very easy to apply solar panels to metal roofing.

That is just a brief summary of the advantages of steel over more conventional building materials.

Tune in next time when will discussed the main components of your steel building.

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