The Increasing Popularity of Green Construction

As consumers become more conscious about how their activities affect the environment, more and more people are seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Here, we discuss why green construction services have become so popular and give a few tips on making your construction business greener.

Green is in Demand

According to McGraw-Hill, the demand for green construction services in on the rise. By 2016, green homes are expected to bring in $89-$116 billion for the home construction industry. In 2011, green homes made up only 17 percent of the housing market; this number is expected to increase to 29-38 percent by 2015.

What Does it Mean to Be Green?

So, what is a green building? It is one built to LEED or equivalent standards. Alternatively, the home may make use of energy and water-efficient materials like energy saving windows, solar panels, light fixtures, appliances and more. Green construction also addresses the need for improved indoor air quality and resource efficiency.

Eco-friendly construction companies not only offer environmentally friendly services to their customers, but they engage in those activities themselves. One way to do this is by purchasing used construction equipment in Florida.

Why Do Homeowners Want to Go Green?

One of the most appealing factors of green homes is the energy efficiency. While many seek energy efficiency based on personal values such as caring about the environment, no one can deny the financial benefits. Green homes and buildings are also known for the durability of their materials (especially with steel construction), their focus on sustainability and the improved indoor air quality. Another powerful incentive are the tax breaks associated with certain elements of green construction.

What About Businesses?

It's not just homebuyers who are looking to green construction - the business sector is as well. According to the McGraw-Hill study, 81 percent of executive leaders say they believe the public expects their organization to engage in sustainable activities. Public perception plays a prominent role in institutionalized efforts toward being green.

How Can I Offer Green Services?

Here are just a few ways your construction firm can promote green services:

  • Offer a "green inspection" with your consultation that informs homeowners or business owners about things they can do to improve energy efficiency in the home. This may include installation of Energy Star rated windows, doors and skylights or improving the insulation in their walls, attics and crawlspaces.
  • Become knowledgeable about the tax incentives for green home improvements so you'll be able to answer common questions that homeowners have.
  • Blog about green building on your company's website. This not only informs your clients about services you offer, but makes your business more visible in the search engines to bring in new clients.

Customers strive to be "greener" in any activity they do, including improving their homes and businesses. Green building services have become increasingly popular in recent years in our environmentally conscious society, so take advantage of this trend.

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