Top Tips for Getting a Steel Frame House Built

Some of the most iconic buildings across the globe are partly made from steel. This includes the likes of the famous Gherkin in the heart of London as well as Dubai's notorious Burj al Arab tower, known for its sail like design. Yet steel is being seen more and more in residential homes as an alternative material when used in construction. When it comes having a steel frame house built, what are some of the main benefits of selecting it?


Builders can easily work with materials such as steel because these particular frames are ideal thanks to steel frame constructions being made very quickly on site. In addition to this, other benefits include:

  • Steel constructions can be produced beforehand making it accessible
  • Ensuring your timelines for house builds is shorter
  • Steel is manageable and easier to work with thus it is hassle free


If you want to have a steel house frame built, then it is important to take into consideration the fact that steel is incredibly lightweight. This means it can be much more flexible as far as creating your ideal design is concerned. On the other hand, it is considered to incredibly light in contrast to:

  • Masonry
  • Brickwork
  • Use the professionals

There is no better solution for a steel house frame than calling in the experts. In this way it will mean you have the chance to work with professionals who have years of experience in this particular sector. Furthermore, you can find a number of different builders through various channels such as:

  • Offline
  • Online
  • Through recommendations

Via family and friends who have had a steel frame home constructed previously.

Combining materials

If you are really looking to create an impression in your home then steel gives you the added bonus that you can combine it with other materials featuring glass. When you utilise glass alongside steel, it will no doubt provide the ideal design concept. When you add this together with the increased flexibility of steel, you can really benefit from the perfect skeleton for your home.

Technical drawings

Whether you want oak wooden floors, zinc counter tops or anything else, the best place to start is with a series of technical drawings. This will clearly outline the appearance of your home under the helm of an architect. Whether you are in the US, UK or Australia, you can choose from a host of highly skilled draftsman brisbane designers who will be able to:

  • Assist with detailed drawings of your home
  • Outline plans to include the steel frame

Provide precise measurements and dimensions alongside your steel frame so everything is covered.

Better than timber

When you compare timber related buildings with steel, the latter has a wide variety of advantages. Therefore you should go ahead with a steel frame due to the material allowing the actual construction to reach higher. This is precisely the reason why steel is used in numerous skyscrapers across the world. Meanwhile, other plus points to steel include:

  • The fact that it is a man-made material
  • The fact it can be shaped to any given size
  • Being much more versatile than timber


One of the other tips is that steel is excellent in homes as it lasts a long time. This means you will not see any signs of deterioration for a long period of time. Steel structures can last for centuries and does not suffer very much from any erosion unless your property is within close proximity of the sea.


Another way in which you can benefit from a steel frame home is that it does not cost that much when compared to other materials. On the matter of cost, steel is believed to be much more cost effective than not only masonry but brickwork. However this will depends on several factors such as:

  • The building size
  • The amount of steel being utilised
  • How much labour is physically required on site

As you can clearly see, there is plenty going for constructing a steel frame home. If you intend to go ahead with a plan then it is essential you take advice from the experts first and foremost but these tips should certainly point you in the right direction.

About the author:

Emma Jack is a freelance writer for Empire Design and Drafting, a leading draftsman in Brisbane that can draft home renovations and raises. A company that aims to provide a personal touch to all design projects.