What to Look for in Modular Steel Bridging

Dating back to World War Two, the modular bridge has been providing simple solutions for transporting heavy loads across rough terrain for over sixty years now. In that time, the designs have developed continuously until today, giving us the modern bridges that we are used to seeing in our everyday environment. This has also led to a wide variety of options in both construction experts and bridge designs. So how can you choose the best solution? Read on for four crucial tips about what to look for when researching these temporary bridging alternatives.

Quick Installation

Whether you're replacing an old urban bridge or you need an efficient route for your troops in the wilderness, you'll need to seek a modular bridge that can be erected in a short span of time. While most designs utilise a steel panel system, some are more efficient than others, so you will need to enquire about the time required to put up that particular model. The faster the better, obviously; just ensure you still think about quality! Opt for a prefabricated bridge design that can be quickly installed and that has been shown to withstand even the heaviest loads. In this way, you won't disrupt traffic or troop movement by causing people to wait excessive lengths of time for construction to be completed.

Sturdy Design

The bridge that you choose will also need to satisfy certain load requirements. Think about the types of vehicles that will most commonly pass over the structure. From bicycles to tanks, there is a wide weight range of automobiles out there. When catering to this need, it is important to:

  • Investigate the traffic that will potentially be using the bridge
  • Calculate the maximum weight the structure will have to carry
  • Look for a bridge design suited to this load plus some more

When calculating the total weight required, pay attention to both the live and dead loads. The former comes from the traffic that will be using the bridge while the latter will result from additions such as barriers, signs, traffic lights, etc. that you will add to the structure. It's also important to account for some extra load just in case.

Full Building Package

If you can work with a construction expert that provides the complete package, this is also a positive characteristic. After all, you may have to consider other processes to make the modular bridge you're erecting even more stable. For example, you may require sheet shoring to prevent collapse if you are digging footings and back walls for your bridge. Of course, this is just one of the many helpful building additions that you can utilise during construction. Those considering erecting a temporary bridge should look into the following:

  • Road plates
  • Manhole shutters
  • Excavators
  • Concrete barriers
  • Trench crossing units

Opting for a company that provides all of these extras as well as a superior modular bridge will then make it so much easier for you to complete construction afterwards.

Durable Structure

One last quality that you will definitely need for your temporary bridge is a long-lasting design that is created to stand for years on end. In this way, you can maintain an open roadway without having to re-construct the entire bridge sometime in the future. Strength and durability are especially important in disaster prone areas. If you are building a bridge after a flood or earthquake, make sure that the structure can withstand another hit if disaster strikes again later on. Some forethought will save you a lot of hassle if the unexpected occurs. A durable modular bridge will remain upright and intact no matter what happens in the future.

By taking all of these matters into account, you will then seek out and utilise a temporary modular bridge that really works. With sturdy construction and a quick installation process, you can tackle a range of emergency transport scenarios in both urban and rural areas. Just make sure to compare the designs on offer and find a construction expert that really knows about this important field. After that, you can then erect your new bridge with confidence in its strength and reliability. Making a smart choice in this area isn't so difficult after all!

About the author:

Emma Jack is a freelance writer for Mabey Hire, a company with over half a century of experience in multiple construction sectors. They offer rental equipment for ground support, sheet shoring and other works.