What roof is better for a concrete block garage: asphalt shingles on wood or metal roofing on metal framing?

Looking for the best roof for a concrete block garage? Many homeowners and business owners find uses for concrete block garages, mostly because they are so easy to create. However, the roof presents a persistent challenge that must be overcome if you want to have the safest and most secure concrete block garage possible. For different concrete block garages, there are different approaches and considerations when considering the best roof options.

Some people prefer to match the appearance of their garage roof to their house, and that's a good reason to choose a wood or metal structure with standard sheathing and asphalt shingles rather than a metal roof. Depending on where your concrete block garage is located, matching the roof to your home's roof is almost essential. Imagine what it would look like if both were street facing and the roofs did not match? It would take away from the appearance and curb appeal of both your home and your garage. 

However, matching another roof is pretty much the only good reason to make that choice. If your garage is built out of concrete block, then you can easily add a metal structure and metal roofing. After all, if appearance and curb appeal aren't issues, why not go with the best performance, easiest construction and lowest cost when searching for the best roof for a concrete block garage?

Your home is most likely covered in asphalt shingles, which last for less than 20 years. They offer their own benefits and advantages in home construction, but none of those benefits and advantages are present in concrete block garage construction. After those 20 years are up, the roof covering needs to be redone. 

Metal roofing? It usually lasts twice as long. If it's well maintained, it can last almost indefinitely. Imagine a roofing option that delivers greater durability and stronger performance, at a lower price tag than other options. That's why metal is the best roof for a concrete block garage, rather than asphalt or another material.

Durability is at the forefront of benefits when you choose a metal roof for a concrete block garage - and this is especially true when compared to using wood for any part of the construction. Wood rafters, wood trusses and wood sheathing are all easily damaged by moisture. They can rot if the asphalt roofing develops a fault or deteriorates. 

When you choose a metal roof for a concrete block garage, you're tapping into construction that is almost impervious to nature. You'll enjoy durability and a resistance to moisture and other elements that leads to long-term value. Your concrete block garage will be useful with little to no maintenance for decades to come.

A metal structure will not rot, and it will be able to support more weight, as well. The connections in a metal roof frame are much stronger than the plate connections used in standard wood trusses. When you pair the strength of a concrete block garage with the strength of a metal roof, not to mention the low maintenance and durability, it's hard to imagine choosing any other material when searching for the best roof for a concrete block garage.

Finally, there's no need for separate sheathing in a metal roof, and partly for that reason, a metal roof is often less costly than a wood roof with asphalt shingles. You most likely chose a concrete block garage in the first place because of the ease of construction, low cost and long-term durability. When you choose to top your concrete block garage with a metal roof, you're choosing to secure those same benefits for the roofing portion of your project.

At MBMI, we can help connect you with the materials needed to properly roof your concrete block garage. We're always here to answer questions or provide expert guidance, just as we're here to deliver the materials you need, when you need them. 

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