How does the 30-day delivery work? Is it really guaranteed?

Because MBMI has in-house engineers, we can rapidly move from design to production. For straightforward buildings, we can design and draw up the building in 24 to 48 hours. Then, one of our licensed structural engineers has to check the design and stamp the drawings. This can take up to a week. Your completed plans are then sent to our manufacturing facility, where all of the components of your building are fabricated and loaded onto a flatbed truck. Under normal circumstances, they can be delivered to any construction site in the continental U.S. in time to meet the 30 day deadline.

Unfortunately, more complicated projects that require extensive engineering and need to be submitted for planning approval and building permits are not eligible for the 30-day guarantee. We can't predict how long your local government will take to approve the project, although it's usually two weeks or less.

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