How should I prepare to erect a metal building?

When you find yourself at the outset of a construction project, you may be wondering: How should I prepare to erect a metal building? Creating a structure is nothing to jump right into without planning and significant preparation. It's hard enough to erect a steel building yourself without doing the right things before getting started.

There are a number of things you'll need to do in order to prepare to erect your metal building. The first thing is decide whether you're going to build it yourself or hire a contractor. The good thing about many of the structures we offer at MBMI is that they are ideal for the do-it-yourself enthusiast who has the right tools and just enough know-how to embrace the challenge and to do a great job. 

However, this isn't a project for just anyone. Consider your level of experience and your confidence before getting started. It's also a good idea to get a bid from a contractor. They will often provide bids upfront and free of charge, which gives you a sense of what to expect on the project, as well as the opportunity to ask questions. You may find that hiring a contractor is the most efficient and inexpensive route, even if you're confident in your own abilities.

Need a third party to provide guidance on this important decision? Talk to the people at MBMI metal buildings and to a few reputable local contractors before you make your choice. Many people can construct a building of up to 10' x 15' (a one-car garage, for example) themselves. One of our customers built his 80' x 100' shop with the help of his friends! 

Again, the process of preparing to erect a steel building by yourself and then executing on construction is a challenge that isn't for everyone - but it's perfect for those who welcome the challenge and have the tools and support to get the job done.

If you do it yourself, you'll likely need to submit drawings for the building permit and site plan approval. That means developing a site plan based on a survey of your property and adhering to all of your local building department's requirements. It also means designing and drawing up a building code compliant foundation and submitting it for permit along with the MBMI drawings and the site plan. 

Make sure you check with all local authorities to remain in compliance before erecting a steel building yourself. Without first checking with authorities, you may find yourself and your building out of compliance. This can cause all sorts of extra expenses and hassles - and it can sometimes lead to a directive that you must deconstruct your building. It's simple to avoid these issues before getting started on construction, and it's certainly less expensive to pay for the proper permits and documentation rather than paying fines or taking down your structure.

Once the permit has been granted, you can begin to construct the building. You'll start with the foundation. You will need to embed the anchor bolts in the correct locations along the edges, as shown in the anchor bolt plan provided by MBMI. Then, you'll take delivery of the building itself. To erect your metal building, you'll need to have the right tools, and you may need to rent some construction equipment.

A few things to keep in mind as you get into the actual construction: Accuracy and precision matter at all times. From pouring the foundation to embedding the anchor bolts to installing the physical structure, you want to stay as precise and accurate as possible. This ensures you will have no issues, and you won't have to backtrack, as your steel structure become a reality. Also, always remain safe and don't take any chances doing something on your own that you feel uncomfortable with. Ask neighbors or friends for help with particularly challenging portions of the project, and you can always count on the team at MBMI to answer questions when needed.

Ready to get started erecting a steel building yourself? You won't find a better supplier of pre-engineered steel buildings than what you'll find at MBMI. Browse our selection of products, and get in touch with questions before, during or after construction of your steel building. 

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