Why should I build with steel and not wood or brick or some other material?

Many of our customers come to us wondering about the advantages steel construction provides over wood, brick, stucco and other materials. We're quick to share the many benefits of building with steel, starting with the value you can gain from choosing steel construction. 

Because a heavy gauge, prefabricated steel building will offer you a better value than concrete block, structural brick, wood or poured concrete. Steel is strong in both tension and compression. That means that it can support heavy loads, but it won't crack or break if it's bent or pulled. That's an incredible amount of strength and performance to count on when you consider the advantages of steel over wood construction and other materials.

When you choose MBNI, steel is what makes our buildings relatively quick and easy to build, too. You'll also feel good about your choice because the steel in our buildings is recycled and recyclable. You get savings and recyclability when you choose MBI, and you will see the benefits of steel over wood construction or choosing other materials for your next project. Your wallet, your reason and your conscience will all agree: steel is the right choice.

Our standard buildings have steel frames, steel siding and steel roofs. However, it's chiefly the steel frames that make them strong and durable. You can use relatively any material you want to for the exterior walls, including brick, wood or stucco.

Another one of the benefits of building with steel over wood is that steel offers more structural strength per dollar. You are right to assume that steel is more expensive on a per-ounce basis, but you often need less steel to build a structure than you would need if building with wood. Additionally, because you need less in the way of framing materials, you may enjoy greater structure capacity.

When constructing a commercial or industrial building, steel means you can support loads from industrial equipment and fittings - much more cost-efficiently and with greater ease than when trying to do the same with wood. You need confidence when operating an industrial company, which is just another reason to choose steel. 

Looking for height? Steel can help construct buildings that are taller than with wood. Picture a downtown area or an office park. What you see is nearly impossible when relying solely on wood for construction. Steel means you can build up to fit a structure onto a tight footprint, and you can better build in areas that require construction to go up rather than out.

Steel can also span greater widths and distances than wood. Imagine the design for a large and open conference room or a similar meeting space, or think of a stadium or transit center that requires large openings and wide open spaces. These openings and spaces aren't possible without the power, strength and advantages of steel over wood construction. 

Finally, there's the matter of safety. Steel is flame-retardant, unlike wood, which means there's little to no threat of fire. History is littered with major fires that destroyed buildings and lives. These fires often occurred because buildings and neighboring structures were made of wood, which allowed a fire to start, grow and spread to neighboring structures. Steel makes it much more difficult for such disasters to occur in modern buildings. Make sure your structure is as safe as possible when you choose the safety and benefits of building with steel.

When you want the power of steel for your next project, consider the steel experts at MBMI. Contact us today to ask questions or to learn more about your options when you want the strength, safety and advantages of steel.

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