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Florida wind load mapFlorida is a gorgeous state with thousands of miles of coastline. A beach is never too far away, and we Floridians love our warm weather and ocean views. People move to our state from all over the country - even from other parts of the world - to enjoy its beauty and its many amenities.

However, there's a dark side to Florida weather: hurricane force winds, harsh rain and oppressive summer heat. In fact, the Florida Building Code requires structures in the state to be designed to withstand 115 to 180 mph winds.

If you're a Floridian and you're looking for a prefab, standard or custom designed steel-framed building, then you need to think about who you're purchasing it from. The demands of Florida weather are different from and greater than those in many other parts of the country. If you buy a prefab building from another state or from overseas, it may not meet Florida code requirements, and it may not stand up to hurricane force winds.

Metal Workshop in FloridaI was wanting to thank MBMI for all the good relationships I have found working with your company. If I ever need another building there is only one company I would consider: MBMI -- John DeLaney, Dade City, FL

Why to choose steel buildings in Florida

  • Easily engineered to withstand high wind loads from all directions
  • Energy efficient; energy rated panels, insulation, with designs to utilize natural light
  • Hurricane proof doors
  • Termite and mold proof
  • Fire resistant
  • Select building providers supply warranties
  • Faster design, delivery, and construction times to save you time and money
  • Prices up typically 50% less than buildings made of other materials
  • Steel Buildings are strong and durable to keep you safe for decades
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MBMI Metal Buildings is a Florida company. Not only are the metal frames of our prefab buildings designed to stand up to the worst weather Florida can dish up, we know how to detail our buildings for maximum stability and durability. We sell steel framed buildings because steel gives Floridians the strength, adaptability and value that they're looking for. In fact, an MBMI steel building can cost half what a conventional building of the same size would.

At MBMI, we're meeting a substantial and constant demand for predesigned, prefab steel warehouses, garages, barns, stables and workshops. However, our buildings are so strong, durable and quick to erect that more and more customers are asking us to custom design steel buildings for use as houses, churches, stores and offices. We've been thrilled with the results of those projects.

MBMI steel buildings can be insulated, and they can be clad with any material: metal, of course, but also wood, brick or even stucco. The insides of our buildings can have drywall, just like a regular home, office or store. It's the steel frame and girts that give the building its exceptional strength and durability. You will not believe the quality and value that we can offer to Florida residents and businesses.

So, whether you're looking for a simple, prefab metal building or something a little more complex, contact MBMI and request a free quote today. We'd be happy to answer all of your questions.

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