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Industrial Metal Buildings

When you think of an industrial building, you probably picture a large, foreboding structure that's lacking in beauty. However, industrial buildings today do not have to be an eye sore. At MBMI Metal Buildings, we understand that, while your industrial building is first and foremost a place of work, in some instances, it should have an aesthetic appeal that seamlessly integrates your building into its surroundings. We can help you customize an industrial-size steel building that complements the unique balance of your community. With the use of the latest drafting technology and modern materials, we design and engineer metal buildings for industrial use that are exactly as you need them - all at an affordable price.

MBMI's all-steel industrial-size buildings are created with the most modern materials and techniques, which makes them not only dependable and energy efficient - and thus less of an environmental threat - but also less of an eyesore, and more of harmonic part of urban architecture. Choose MBMI for your pre-engineered, industrial-size steel building, and discover the balance between function and attractiveness.

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industrial metal building

The building looks great

Believe or not, we erected this metal industrial building during heavy snow fall and rain but it went up fast and easy nevertheless.

Rick Le

MBMI's industrial steel buildings are built with the most modern materials and techniques, which makes them not only dependable, and energy efficient - and thus less of an environmental threat - but also less of an eyesore, and more of harmonic part of urban architecture.

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  • manufacturing complex metal building
  • manufacturing complex metal building
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Prefab Metal Buildings

Whether you need an industrial steel building for metal manufacturing, steel welding, industrial retail, storage space, heavy equipment or industrial distribution centers, we have the right building system for you. We custom design steel buildings for any application and deliver them anywhere in the world. When you need prefab steel buildings for industrial use, our products and services allow you to get the quality, durable, attractive and affordable structures you need — much quicker than using other building materials.

The many benefits of our prefabricated metal buildings for industrial use include:

  • Sustainability: We're committed to helping protect the environment by using steel that's up to 60 percent recycled.
  • Customization: We offer industrial-size steel building options that are designed to meet your unique needs. Each design is executed by our team of in-house engineers, which ensures you get a superior building.
  • Natural Light: Incorporate windows and skylights into your industrial-sized steel building to maximize natural light and help reduce your electricity bill.
  • Strength: Our custom metal buildings for industrial use are made to withstand the elements, including winds of up to 200 miles per hour.
  • Fast Delivery and Installation: You get your industrial-sized steel building much quicker than with alternative materials. When you need a structure and you need it fast, choose MBMI for prefab steel buildings for industrial use.

Do you need a crane system for your business?

As part of our customization, we offer custom metal buildings for industrial use that are ready for attachments like cranes. We can design our steel buildings to support top running bridge cranes, underhung bridge cranes, mono rail cranes and jib cranes... whatever you need, let us know.
You also enjoy versatility in size and specifications. At MBMI, you can choose from many industrial-size steel building options with widths spanning 200 feet without columns and any length!

Our engineers develop industrial-sized metal buildings that anyone with a basic knowledge of construction can set up with minimal equipment. This is part of our commitment to outstanding customer service. We help you avoid any frustration or challenges during installation by relying on intuitive and easy-to-execute processes. To save you time and money in the construction process all of our steel buildings are delivered pre-drilled, pre-punched, and pre-engineered to fit together seamlessly. Our expert engineering and top-quality building components make constructing your steel building a simpler and safer process. You won't find an easier setup than with all-steel, industrial-sized buildings from MBMI.

Do you want to GO GREEN with your steel building project?

Taking the green initiative couldn't get any easier than when you build with MBMI's pre-engineered, industrial-sized steel buildings. We use high-quality steel composed of up to 60% recycled steel, and it's all 100% recyclable. Our buildings can help you earn multiple LEED credits with Energy Star rated metal building panels and designs that utilize natural light to decrease your dependency on electricity.

When buildings your next industrial building demonstrate your company's corporate social responsibility by going GREEN with MBMI's steel buildings.

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable, which is what allows us to design outstanding industrial-size steel building options for a range of customers. Let us know about your needs and specifications, and we'll share more about your industrial-sized metal building options and how we can deliver a product that is functional and attractive.

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