steel building types

Building Types

MBMI works to design, engineer, and deliver the best quality and the highest value in products and services within the construction industry.

From agricultural buildings, steel garages, riding arenas, aircraft hangars, community and church centers, to a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings, we are more than happy and capable to provide for your specific needs.

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Benefits of our buildings

Our in-house engineering department consists of a highly professional and conscientious team of engineers, detailers, draftsmen, and project managers on-call every day; we uphold the guarantee to provide a unique and outstanding quality to our metal buildings. Read more

Parts & accessories

Our building components are highly specialized to provide cost-effective yet highly dependable maximum strength. We demand the best components in the industry: from rigid frame systems to trims and accessories.

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Green buildings

MBMI is proudly dedicated to leaving a green thumbprint on the planet. We work to save the environment by using only environmentally sustainable, 100% recyclable products, and by reducing energy costs and waste.
Certified by the prestigious LEED Green Building Certification System, our edge panel coatings are Energy Star approved, and we offer an industry-leading solar system.

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How to install?

The key to success begins with a well-grounded and properly executed foundation! With the help of an experienced foundation contractor, your proper preparation will make everything much easier. The process continues with primary and secondary framing, then roof and wall sheeting, and lastly the installation of trim and accessories. All of our primary steel is pre-welded, pre-cut, and pre-punched for easy installation. The end result is a reliable, top-quality, and low-maintenance masterpiece that you can call yours...

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Small sheds

We define a small shed as a building under 200 square feet that is not going to need mechanical or plumbing systems. These are the simplest and least costly buildings that we sell. Most people use our sheds for storing tools and equipment. They can also serve as small workshops. Farmers and contractors often use small MBMI steel buildings to set up mobile tool sheds that they can shift around the farm or construction site as needed.

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