Export steel buildings to in the World

MBMI has delivered 100’s of metal buildings outside the continental United States.
100′ x 600′ x 35′ manufacturing plants in Africa, Marina’s in the Caribbean, low income housing projects in South America and dairy farms in the old Soviet bloc are only a few examples of our capabilities.

We know working with freight forwarders can be very difficult for someone who doesn’t have the time or experience. Some of our export customers ship items everyday and know all the ins and outs of the process. However, if you are a first time shipper or just don’t need the headache of coordinating everything, MBMI is here to help you.


MBMI will coordinate the shipping of your steel building from one of five manufacturing plants to the port of your choice. We have developed strong relationships with several freight forwarders at major ports around the world. Our export package includes extra red iron, extra sheeting, extra clips and extra fasteners all enclosed in specialized packaging to ensure undamaged delivery and a smooth erection process. Not only will we design, engineer and detail the best quality building in the industry, but our specially trained staff in the export department will facilitate a prompt, safe and complete delivery.

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