Steel building erection steps

1. Prepare foundation

The key to success for any steel building project starts with a properly prepared and executed foundation. MBMI Metal Buildings will provide you with all the necessary drawings and information to locate and set your anchor bolts. It is important to use an experienced foundation contractor so that the slab turns out flat and the anchor bolts are properly located. If all of this is done correctly, your steel building will be a breeze to erect.

2. Primary framing

The Primary Framing consists of the main I-Beam columns and rafters. All the primary steel is pre-welded, pre-cut and pre-punched for easy installation. These are the heaviest and strongest members that you will bolt together and fasten to your foundation. Once a few of your frames are up, you can start to bolt the secondary members to the primary framing.

3. Secondary framing

The Secondary Framing consists of girts, purlins and framed openings. These members are pre-cut & pre-punched and provide the strength behind the wall and roof sheeting. Once all the secondary framing is in place, you can then move to the roof and wall sheeting.

4. Roof and wall sheeting

Now that you have the primary and secondary framing complete, it is time to install the insulation along with the wall and roof sheeting. You will begin installing the wall sheeting first. The sheeting is screwed to the secondary framing using Lifetime self drilling fasteners. Once the walls are done, move to the roof panels and also install the weather stripping which will keep the building leak free.

5. Trim and accessories

The final step to completing your steel building is installing the trim and any accessories. The trim really finishes off the building and creates a weather tightness seal. Accessories such as the doors, windows and vents are installed at this time as well.

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