Small Steel Sheds

Because not all home or business owners need a large steel building.

Some just need a durable, affordable, small steel shed building. At MBMI, we meet the needs of these home and business owners by offering a collection of small steel shed building kit options that helps you find the perfect shed for your needs.

We define a small shed as a building under 200 square feet that is not going to need mechanical or plumbing systems. These are the simplest and least costly buildings we sell. Given how versatile and useful they can be, it’s no surprise that our pre-engineered small steel shed products are also among the most popular we sell.

As with all MBMI products, our small steel shed building options can be designed, constructed, shipped and installed quickly. This is a huge advantage over other materials. When you need a small shed and you need it fast, count on MBMI for a prefabricated small metal shed that you can have installed in no time. Even better: Our small metal shed building kit options do not usually require building permits or planning permission.

Do you have tools, lawn equipment and other stuff spilling out of your garage?

Create the perfect space for storage or whatever else you need when you choose a pre-engineered small steel shed from MBMI. Most people use our sheds for storing tools and equipment, but these small metal shed building kits can be used for almost anything.

10' x 15' x 10'

Small shed
$ 6,698 + freight
  • Steel Framing and Panels
  • (1) 6' x 7' double door frame
  • (5) 3' x 2' window frames

12' x 15' x 10'

Small garage
$ 5,975 + freight
  • Steel Framing and Panels
  • (1) 8' x 8' door frame
  • (2) 3' x 2' window frames

You can almost certainly erect this type of building yourself, and it may or may not be set onto a foundation. We do recommend that you tie it down if you plan to use it in an area with high winds, and it’s also a good idea to choose level and well drained pavement or pavers to place it on. The ease of installation with our small steel shed building kit products are all part of our commitment to creating an outstanding customer experience. From the products we sell, to the services we deliver to the way we talk to and treat each customer, the team at MBMI emphasizes quality.

The customization options let you achieve the function you want out of a prefabricated small metal shed, and they also ensure your small steel shed building will look the way you want it to. We offer color and other architectural options to make certain your small metal shed building complements the existing look and feel of your home or business. At MBMI, we believe that a small steel shed building kit can be just as attractive as it is functional.

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