Metal Buildings for Sports Training

Consider a large steel building for sports training as an investment that will pay big dividends!

Our Team

Our engineering department is comprised of draftsmen, detailers, estimators and licensed structural engineers, all in-house, to collaboratively design and stamp the plans of each and every one of our buildings. 

Our Buildings

We are an American custom metal building company, with each product manufactured in the U.S.A. using only the finest quality metal components.

Green Buildings

As your sustainable custom steel building company, we are dedicated to saving the environment while reducing energy costs and waste. This is why our products are environmentally sustainable and green in nature.

Why metal rather than another material?

A steel building for indoor athletic training means year round activity, no matter the weather outside. When you’re training athletes in a competitive environment or trying to create a safe and comfortable space for activities in harsh climates, a steel building for indoor athletic training is the product you need. Why metal rather than another material? Metal is the best path toward striking the perfect balance between affordability and durability.

Hassle-free operation

There should be little to no maintenance or repair needed when you choose metal buildings for sports training. These products are designed to stand the test of time no matter the conditions in which they operate.

Fully customized

Our products can be fully customized to complement the existing architecture of your facilities, including a range of paint colors and other options.


Metal buildings for sports training are designed to withstand the elements. You can count on your metal building to serve as a safe and dependable space that can withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour.

Customers testimonials

We chose MBMI because of the quality and the customer support they offered. We constructed the building ourselves the first time we tackled such a large project.
Crossbridge Community Church
San Antonio, Texas
We are really happy with the building, and it has been great for my horse training business to be able to work through the winter, even in the mountains of Colorado!
Jennifer Snyder
Boncarbo, Colorado

We know how to transform your vision for a steel building for indoor athletic training into a reality. When you want the best selection of products and a knowledgeable, experienced team to deliver them, count on MBMI Metal Buildings.

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