Metal Roofs

Screw Down

Screw-down metal roofing is a particular metal roof held together with screws that hold the roof securely.

Individual screws are used to ensure the rigid metal roof is fastened to the structure. It is the most basic metal roofing system.

Standing Seam

Standing seam metal roofs are interlocked within each panel and are not fastened by screws. Depending on the aesthetic you prefer, you can choose standing seam sizes that are between 12 to 24 inches wide depending on the panel type.

Fastening is accomplished through a 1-inch bend that enables interlocking. Without breaking tight seals, fastening allows the standing seam roofing to move and expand.

By using a clip or nail flange system, the fastening on the metal panel is hidden below the surface of the panel . A hidden system is a huge advantage by eliminating the faulty or improperly fastened exposed systems.

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