Steel Building Accessories

Solar Panels

Whether you want to add it to your existing building or a new building, solar panels are a great way to help with the environment and your monthly bill. 


What type of door do you have on your steel structures? What type of door do you want to have on your structures? We offer a full selection of steel building components, including framed openings for roll up doors, sectional overhead doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors and Hydroswing doors.
Our doors come in different shapes, colors and sizes. Browse through the different types of doors MBMI offers.


Having insulation in your metal building can be very beneficial to not only your structure but also your wallet.

Snow Retention

In order to make sure you building is safe from the heavy snow fall, metal roof snow guards are highly recommended.


See which vent is right for you and your building. Ventilation will help with the airflow, reducing humidity, and regulate the temperate of your structure.

Skylights & Wall Lights

Create indoor light with our selection of skylights and wall lights.