Steel building wall & roof light panels

Skylights and wall lights are the most economical method to add natural light to your building which will keep your lighting cost down year round.


 These panels can be installed on the roof of your building. Light panels are made of fiberglass and are manufactured to the panel profile so they fit perfectly and provide a weather tight seal. 

MBMI supplies a trim flashing kit with every skylight which many of our competitors leave out. This trim kit will make your skylight look, fit and seal better than without it. Each panel is 3′ wide and come in various lengths to suit your needs. 

Insulated skylights are also available as an option. Insulated skylights are manufactured with an air barrier that greatly reduces the temperature transfer from outside to inside the steel building.


Wall lights

These lights are installed on the walls of your building. Wall lights are the same part as a skylight but they are just located at a different part of the building. 

Some might choose a wall light so that there is additional lighting in your building.