7 Reliable Snow Guards For Metal Roofs​

Snow Retention Systems

Snow guards are essential to metal roofs in cold, snowy climates. With a high quality retention system, immense damage can be prevented. Not having a snow retention system could result in: damage to your car, gutters, landscaping, and even injury or death.

Why Are Snow Guards Necessary?


During the harsh, snowy winter months, snow guards will protect you, your belongings, and those around your structure.


Without a snow retention system, the snow on a metal roof can fall off suddenly and all at once. This is because metal roofs that become warmer from either the sun or other sources, will start to form an under layer of melted snow. With the thin layer of melted snow, a perfect storm is created for the snow to fall in a diasterous way.


Installing a snow retention system will allow the snow to melt away slowly preventing a dramatic and messy fall. Either the snow will leave in smaller amounts or the snow will just gradually melt.

There are 7 types of Snow Guards

MBMI offers various snow retention systems for different applications and aesthetics.


Color match your snow guard to your metal roof. With the long lasting quality of color, this guard will last as long as your roof will.


Using this guard will ensure extra stength. All DualGard components can be used with VersaGard and VersaGard V, offering a complete snow retention system for exposed fasten roofs.


The SnoFence uses a second rod which is two inches about the first. They come in cooper and aluminum so that are compatible for standing seam roofs.


This systems features clean lines, cylindrical shapes and a high-tech look that make it a favorite choice of architects and metal building designers This style offers maximum stregth with minimal clutter.


is compatible with almost any trawith almost any trapexoidal, exposed fastened profile, VersaGard comes with factory

X-Gard 1.0

This versitle one-pipe sytem can be customized to be painted, powder-coated, or anodized. It is designed to preserve the coveted aesthetics of any metal roof.

X-Gard 2.0

Similar to the X-Gard 1.0, the 2.0 has a two-pipe system. With this system, the 2.0 has better aesthetics, extra holding strength, and longer service life.

Purchasing Snow Gurads With Your Building

Because MBMI offers snow guards, customers can add them to their project as part of their accessories in the design process. If you’re in an area that has snow, we highly recommend you considering snow guards for your building. Better to get them while designing your building, to ensure a safe winter while your building is already in the install process.

MBMI has found that customers who do not purchase their snow guards right away, tend to forget. Therefore, purchasing snow guards through MBMI ensures a good-quality product at a reasonale price.

Planning ahead and being prepared will prevent having issues later on. Customers can potentionally save tons of money considering the horrific damages that are easily avoidable.

Buying Snow Retention System Separately

Customers have the option to purchase a snow retention system seprately from purchasing a metal building. Snow guards are a great addition to your already existing building.

How Can You Attach A Snow Guard System?

Snow guards can be installed on screw down roofs and standing seam roofs. The snow retention systems are attached with a S-5! clamping technology.
They are special in the sense that they will not actually go through your metal roof but the clamping system will grip strongly to the seam of the metal roof.
The S-5! clamp attachments have been thoroughly tested for their grip strength and is undeniably the best product in its category across the board.
This attachment is unmatched to any other competitors with its capacity of withstanding an average of 1,800 pounds and up to 3,000+ pounds.

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