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Steel church buildings

When you run a church, it's of the utmost importance to be good stewards of your budget. That's one of the reasons why steel church buildings make so much sense for congregations nationwide. Metal church buildings and steel community center buildings provide a safe and affordable place for members to gather, and they deliver long-term performance with little to no maintenance, repairs or other tasks.

At MBMI, we offer a variety of metal school, church and community center buildings - meaning you enjoy options as you search for the right type of facility to meet your organization's needs. Our designs and engineers create first-rate metal church buildings that consider your budget and your need to deploy money wisely. Safety is our priority designing our steel church buildings and educational facilities.

We're only as good as our team, and we're proud to offer a collection of metal building professionals who have the experience and knowledge to deliver outstanding results. Our in-house engineers and detailers have the expertise to construct a stunning prefabricated metal church building with ease. With the help of our metal church design team has the experience and knowledge to make your dreams a reality.

BBB A+ ratingWe sell Energy Star

If you are in need of a metal building, I recommend MBMI!

This is the third building that I purchased and contracted from MBMI. The service, engineering and quality is second to none.

Wilfred Stewart, Texas

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Steel community centers

We know that sustainability and efficiency are keystone considerations for community centers, schools, churches and similar organizations. That's why, when building with MBMI, being green couldn't be any easier. All of our steel is up to 60% recycled and our buildings are 100% recyclable. We offer Energy Star rated metal building panels to keep your building systems cool in the hot months and save you on high electricity prices in those peak months. If you are building towards LEED certification, our standard buildings earn you multiple LEED credits and can be custom designed to earn you many more. When you choose MBMI for metal church buildings, school buildings and community centers, you'll enjoy knowing you're doing the planet a favor, and you'll also enjoy the accompanying low electric bills.

The additional benefits of steel community center buildings from MBMI include:

  • Customization: Achieve the look you want in custom steel community centers when you take advantage of our in-house engineers.
  • Resistance: Our steel community center buildings are made to withstand the elements, including wind gusts of up to 200 miles per hour. This delivers added peace of mind when you're hosting congregations, students and community members.
  • Fast, Easy Installation At MBMI, we move quickly to design, create and deliver your prefabricated metal church buildings and community centers. When you choose steel buildings, you enjoy a much quicker turnaround time than with alternate materials.
  • Mold and Termite Resistance: With wood and other materials, mold and termites can be an expensive issue-but not with custom metal church buildings from MBMI. You can enjoy your new steel structure without worrying about maintenance and pesky issues like mold and termites.
  • Low Maintenance: When you get metal community center buildings or other structures from MBMI, relax and put them to work without worry. There's not regular or ongoing maintenance that takes a massive amount of time and effort. The structure is simply there for you to use and enjoy as you see fit.
  • Sustainability: Make your metal church building GREEN by choosing MBMI for your steel building system and reduce your congregation need for rising heating and cooling expenses.

Why MBMI Metal Buildings?

At MBMI Metal Buildings, we put our customers first. That's why we've developed a process that considers your unique needs, including custom design, quality construction and fast turnaround times. We have a strong rating from the Better Business Bureau that reflects our commitment to doing things the right way - in a way that will satisfy our customers and help them meet their facility needs. When your organization requires a safe, durable, affordable structure for meetings and other purposes, look no further than steel church buildings, community centers and schools from MBMI.

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