#049: Metal Storage Building in Brooksville, FL

Customer Testimonial

MBMI was the only company that could prove to me that their buildings were the best. I paid a fair price and I bought from MBMI for a few key reasons.

The buildings look very sharp, the manufacturing facility is AISC certified, they design their buildings for sustained wind loads as opposed to 3-second gusts and because after comparing several quotes from other reputable and legitimate companies…MBMI gave me the biggest bang for my buck (the most steel for the money). 

I did my homework on metal buildings and metal building companies only to find out that 95% of them were brokers. MBMI does all of their own design, engineering & detailing “IN HOUSE” which meant that I was NOT dealing with a broker. I had questions and immediately I was put in touch with an MBMI engineer to get the answers. I liked that. 

The building was delivered on time as promised. The building was detailed perfectly which led to it going together very easily and without any problems. I put the building together myself and I am ecstatic with the finished product. I have yet to see another building that looks as nice as an MBMI building.

Bryan Kuhn

Brooksville, Florida

About the building:

This is a 30′ x 88′ x 18′ storage building with one 14′ x 14′ roll-up door.

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