#224: Car & Boat Storage Garage in North Point, FL

Customer Testimonial

I had a great experience with Brian Fabricant who sold me an MBMI building. Brian was very helpful, professional and patient. During the Construction of the concrete or the building itself, if we had any questions, I would contact MBMI’s engineering department and they had the answers we were looking for. I had a hiccup with one of the contractors and ended up contacting Rick Skaggs at George Skaggs Construction. George has been in the steel building industry for 50 years and Ricky his son, has taken over where George left off. Ricky usually puts up another company’s building and was able to step in and help me out. I was very happy with Skaggs and would highly recommend him to erect a building. I asked Ricky how it compared with his regularly used metal buildings. Ricky responded it was pretty straight forward other than a few engineering differences. He was very impressed by the roof panels and capping. I would highly recommend an MBMI building and George Skaggs Construction. Sectional garage doors are on the way to be installed.

Tony Egoville

North Point, Florida

About the building:

42′ x 60′ x 16 (3) 10×12 and (1)14×14 garage doors (2) commercial style man doors 4” insulation 6”

Roof Slope: 2:12

Bay Spacing: 20′

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