#227: Cemex Industrial Building In Brooksville, FL

Customer Testimonial

We have purchased several buildings from MBMI in the past and have now added one in Brooksville, FL with similar buildings going up in Houston, TX and Victorville, CA. They also supplied three small electrical room buildings for these sites.  Nick and the team at MBMI are very easy to work with, quickly responded to the municipality questions/requests and met our needs in engineering, delivery, quality and customer service. They are our go-to company for our metal building projects and look forward to working with them on future projects.


Brooksville, Florida

About the building:

 58’ x 243’ x 27’

Roof Slope: 1.5:12

With a Lean-To: 28′ x 243′ x 24


SS: 16′ x 17′ x 16′ LS

Bay Spacing: 1 @17′

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