#029: Metal Garage and Shed in Marshallville, GA

Customer Testimonial

When I began considering a custom prefab metal building I had many reservations. I had worries about schedule, value, durability, functionality and many other factors. I considered various alternatives for a building. After obtaining quotes from numerous fabricators I finally decided on MBMI based on their responsiveness and competitive price.

I was not disappointed. The service from MBMI has been outstanding. The staff there worked directly with the installer and went out of their way on numerous occasions to ensure the building met my expectations. MBMI went above and beyond what was expected without once asking for additional funds.

MBMI ensured that the final building was all that I had hoped. The final product is truly my dream shop. I feel confident that the building will remain satisfactory for many years. My MBMI building is the envy of all my friends and neighbors but mostly it is my refuge; a place for me to work knowing that I am in a safe and lasting environment.

Edward M Pratt

Ed Pratt

Marshallville, Georgia

About the building:

Metal Garage with Lean-to Shed

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