Metal Workshop in Dade City, FL

John DeLaneyDade City, FL

"I was wanting to thank MBMI for all the good relationships I have found working with your company.
I had shopped all over the web and talk to all types of people about metal buildings. I chose MBMI and called Mitch and we worked out a deal that both him and I could agree on. I had never had any dealings with anything like this before, so I was still wondering if I had made a mistake with the company I had chosen.
But as soon as I gave up the deposit >they went to work; in a couple of days I approved the plans and colors. Then they give me a delivery date. The truck delivered my building packed perfect. The driver was on time and very easy to work with.
In a couple days we erected the building, through the process we called this guy named Kenny. This guy knows his building like the back of his hand! He was always available and very easy to explain the details. I could never be as calm as he was with all the silly questions I was asking.
My building was a 40 x 60 with 14 foot side walls. Then I did what most men think. My building needs to be bigger.
So I called up MBMI, come to find out Mitch does not work there anymore. So I asked for Kenny to give me advice on which salesman to buy from. I should of known what he would say. He said: I will help you with that! So we worked out a deal. I told Kenny that I was pouring concrete in 4 days to put my new building on. Then I told him I was in a hurry on this new building. That afternoon we approved the plans, 3 days later the plans appeared in at my location!
And this is the unbelievable part: in 19 days from deal day my building was on site! If I ever need another building there is only one company I would consider: MBMI and Kenny.

Thank you,
John DeLaney

About the building:
40' x 60' x 14' Metal Workshop in Dade City, Florida.

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