Personal shop in Naples, FL

Dan KellyNaples, FL

Excellent product, MBMI! Having been a victim of an earlier fraudulant steel building company, I was greatly relieved to see that your company actually delivered on their promises. My sales person, Brian answered all of my questions and took care of all the details, Mike coordinated the production and delivery, and Andy in the engineering department, was very helpful on the occassions where I needed technical support as I put this building up myself. I had some off and on help from a couple of friends during the erection process and two of my brothers helped me put the roof on this 40'x60'x12' garage. From the day it was delivered, I was impressed with the heavy-duty construction and the quality of the materials. Having put together a kit-form pole barn in the past, I can assure you that this garage is (3) times the quality, both structurally and cosmetically. It wasn't the cheapest building on the market (I found out the hard way what you get, going that route) but it is, I believe the best one for your money if you want a building that will look great and outlast you. Everybody who looks at my MBMI building (and even the inspectors) say, "Wow! This is not what I was expecting at all; this thing is solid"! I didn't set any speed records in erecting the building but couldn't be prouder of the finished product. Thanks again to everyone at MBMI!
-Dan Kelly

About the building:
Building is a 40' x 60' x 12 (2:12) Personal Shop
Erected in Naples, FL.

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