We Are MBMI Metal Buildings

MBMI is formed by a group of top steel building professionals who focus on delivering the best products and services possible.

It’s no secret in this industry: You’re only as good as your steel building experts and their skill in engineering and detailing. And in those areas, MBMI is second to none!

State-of-the-art technology and first-class engineering enable us to serve as metal building experts. We build a custom structure as easily and economically as a standard box building. Using only the finest materials available to the metal buildings industry we are proud to say: “We are the company that other companies use to set their standards.”

MBMI is one of America’s premier suppliers of pre-engineered metal buildings and accessories. With careful attention to detail, our products not only look good, but they are erected problem-free. Therefore, there is virtually no field work required simply because our buildings are so well designed and detailed.

From the very first MBMI customer, to the thousands who have followed, each has learned that it’s not only the engineering that makes one company better than another. It’s the quality of the people involved. At MBMI our team of custom steel building professionals is top quality.

Our Team

MBMI staff comprises of the finest metal building professionals in the industry. Including experienced engineers, draftsmen, detailers, and designers who have been working in the metal building manufacturing industry for more than 40 years. We have the experience and know how to put together the highest quality steel building kit existing in the metal industry.

Our Philosophy

At MBMI we know that satisfied customers are the cornerstone to our success.

Above all, our goal is your satisfaction. Our team of custom metal building experts will go out of their way to deliver the best building and service available. We won’t try to deliver the cheapest building on the market. What we do promise is to deliver a top quality building at a very competitive price.

Our Customers

Our customers are from all walks of life; from small farmers, to medium businesses up to large corporations.

The things they have in common are the need for a high quality building at a reasonable price, a reliable company they can count on and a team of professionals that will answer their questions and meet their particular needs. Read customer testimonials


We offer great customer service as well as technical support from our own custom metal buildings professionals and engineers. When you order from MBMI, we send you detailed drawings of your building. We also include a complete, fully itemized list of parts and accessories. This documentation ensures that you know exactly what you are paying for, down to the last bolt. MBMI provides written warranties on paint and paneling. You can be sure your building will perform as expected under various weather and environmental conditions for decades to come.



All of our parts are manufactured to the highest tolerances according to the Metal Building Manufacturers Association. From the welds on our I-Beams to long-lasting paint finishes, we only allow the best parts to leave the factory doors. We know that our buildings represent our company. This level of quality is only possible because of the experience present in our team of pre-engineered steel building experts. At MBMI Metal Buildings, our team knows how to deliver the best of the best in steel structures.



At MBMI we don’t just sell the buildings. We also design, engineer, and detail our own buildings – with all services performed and delivered by our steel structure professionals. Your order is in good hands every step of the way: from your initial quote to the day of delivery. Our team of prefabricated steel structure professionals is experienced in all types of buildings – from airplane hangars to multi-story structures. Even if your building is a small backyard shop, you can be sure that we will handle your project. We provide the same amount of attention to detail and professionalism to all of our customers.


Get to know our team

Anna Strompf

Head of Accounting

Attila Gazso

IT Manager

Bill Strompf

Vice President

Brian Fabricant

General Manager

Burt Strompf


Ian Strompf


Jennifer Mirusso

Marketing Specialist

Keri Smith


Kinga Rezessy

Drafting / Detailing

Michael Shach

Manager / Customer Service / Designer

Nick Nikolaus


Sally Martinez

Office Manager

Stefanie Hudak


Would you like to be part of the MBMI team?

We are looking for experienced building representatives that are highly motivated and honest to expand our family. However, if your experience in this field is limited and you are a hard worker with the right intensions, we will consider you.


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