Agricultural Steel Buildings

From barns to processing plants – count on our in-house team of experts for any agricultural facility you need to build. Within your budget and in less turnaround time.
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Advantages of our steel farm buildings

At MBMI Metal Buildings, we have our own, in-house team of engineers, designers, and draftsmen with a combined experience of more than five decades. This gives us an edge over our competitors to carry out simple or large and complicated projects more efficiently in less turnaround time while providing unparalleled customer service.
  • easy to build
  • a breeze to maintain
  • built to last for decades
You can cast aside any doubt you may have in mind and count on us to build a barn for your livestock, a shed for your farm machineries, or facilities for processing, packaging, sales or other purposes. Because at MBMI, we value your trust.
Customer Testimonial
Homegrown Shrimp USA
There were several concepts and changes in the year or so to get it right and Nick and MBMI’s engineering never flinched doing everything we asked, offering their ideas and suggestions as well as keeping costs in mind.
Given the high quality materials and components used in MBMI agricultural facilities, damages caused by earthquakes, storms, or heavy rains are minimal compared to the others. You can also get substantial discounts on insurance premiums for steel buildings made from high quality materials.
Maintenance cost is almost none with MBMI agricultural buildings. You get a 40-year warranty on the color steel panels, and lifetime warranty on the components and fasteners - which are guaranteed not to rust. There's no need for a periodic maintenance program so you can enjoy that exrta time and money.
MBMI agricultural buildings are 100% customizable, and easy to build in quick turnaround time - because we do not outsource our engineering, designing, or drafting services.
Don't worry if you have a future expansion in mind. It is quicker, easier, and less expensive with MBMI Metal Buildings.

We are experienced in building agricultural steel buildings

  • Pig pens
  • Greenhouses
  • Cold Storage Facilities
  • Agriculture Machinery Warehouses
  • Fresh Processing & Packaging Plants
  • Farmhouses
  • Growhouses
  • Cow Sheds
  • Dairy Processing Plants
  • Chicken Coops
Everything you need

4 ways you can reduce your farm energy costs

Energy Star rated panels

Our panels and roofs are approved by Energy Star, which - with required insulation - can reduce the HVAC energy consumption of your facility by up to 40% (depending on the climate).

Windows & Skylights

You have the option to add windows and skylights to your building, and take advantage of using natural light in the daytime to further reduce your energy use. (You can source the windows locally, or from the list of our recommended suppliers).

Recycled steel

Our steel is up to 60% recycled

Solar panels

If you are tired of ever increasing energy costs, now you can generate your own power and go energy independent.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use steel for my agricultural building?
  • Steel buildings can be built at a lower cost than other types of buildings
  • Steel buildings are quick and easy to build and last for decades
  • Steel buildings retain their value down the line
  • Steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio. So even if they get very large, the structural components of your MBMI agricultural facilities will be light-weight yet stronger compared to other types of buildings
  • Steel is resistant to fire
  • Termites and mold or other microbial organisms - that harm wooden buildings and can also affect human or animal health - cannot live on steel buildings
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