• Metal Barns, Agricultural Buildings

    Agricultural buildings are designed specifically for the farmer, protecting his valuable equipment, livestock, produce, etc. We can custom design a steel building that will suit your farm for your specific needs.

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  • Commercial Steel Buildings

    Commercial buildings are what we do best. Custom designs are our specialty. Present us with your architectural drawings and leave the rest up to us!

    • Withstand high winds up to 200mph
    • Energy Star rated panels
    • Optional solar panels

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    commercial steel building
  • Steel Garages

    MBMI metal buildings are the ideal solution for protecting your cars and other valuable equipment.

    • Withstand high winds up to 200mph
    • Low maintenance
    • Fast and easy construction

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    metal garage
  • Small metal sheds

    Don't settle for an inferior off-the-rack shed. Instead, order a custom engineered MBMI metal shed that can outlive you. Steel framing components come pre-welded for added strength and faster DIY construction.

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    small metal shed

Our Steel Buildings

MBMI is the metal building company that offers sales representatives who can assist you with your metal building projects. With our own in-house engineering and design-detailing department, we can create a custom or simple box building just for you.

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MBMI in the news

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Hurricane Irma vs MBMI

We are proud to report that every MBMI building in the USA that was hit by Hurricane Irma was un-damaged. Read more

Why MBMI Metal Buildings?

Our Team

We've become a leading steel building company because of our people. Our engineering department is comprised of draftsmen, detailers, estimators and licensed structural engineers, all in-house, to collaboratively design and stamp the plans of each and every one of our buildings. We have worked very hard to build this extraordinary team that can use their expertise to assist you to create the finest buildings in the industry. About us »

Our Buildings - Made in the USA

We are an American custom metal building company, with each product manufactured in the U.S.A. using only the finest quality metal components. Custom pre-engineered buildings are modernizing construction because they are easy to construct and design options are incredibly versatile. We excel in this area because of our highly qualified designers, engineers and detailers as well as our highly acclaimed customer service department which is well known throughout the industry. About our buildings »

Green Buildings

As your sustainable custom steel building company, we are dedicated to saving the environment while reducing energy costs and waste. This is why our products are environmentally sustainable and green in nature. The steel used to manufacture our buildings are made from up to 60% recycled material. More about green buildings More about green buildings »

Building Gallery

Thanks for the great building and the great service! Everything you promised came true. Easy process, quick delivery, and very easy assembly. You guys are my steel building people.Robert Martin - Princeton, WV

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Pre-Engineered Buildings

MBMI has a complete team of professionals from top to bottom. Our highly professional staff is here to help you in every way possible. When you call, you will always speak to a live person during working hours - which sets us apart from other metal structure companies.

Our factory representatives are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the steel building industry. MBMI has served the industry with the highest quality metal building kits of all sizes and designs since 2002.

MBMI is the prefabricated metal building company that specializes in customer service, treating each customer like family. We are proud of our reputation as a leading pre-engineered metal building company in the industry and around the world. There are only a few companies that can offer quick delivery and are capable of custom design. At MBMI, we can do both with quality service; earning us the respect of our customers and other companies within the industry.

If you are looking for metal buildings, you must choose a company that is equipped to handle a complex project. Beware of metal building companies that are brokers, and usually not capable of handling complex projects; although they will take your money and wing it. So before you choose the right company, make sure you know whom you are dealing with.

Our testimonials

We have 200+ testimonials on our site; many of which can be contacted to arrange a visit for you to see our work up close. So don't take our word for it, if you are in the market for a steel building, there is no better way to judge our product than by see it in person and speaking to an owner about his entire experience with MBMI. You won't find a better combination of quality products and exceptional customer service when searching for a steel structure company.

Agricultural buildings

When it comes to agricultural structures almost all agricultural buildings are made from metal. Farmers have to be very competitive and need every edge they can get. Metal buildings provide everything they need in all aspects of farming. They are economical and easy to erect. Farmers have enough to take care of on the farm; the fact they these buildings are virtually maintenance free is just another benefit of a metal building.

Commercial buildings

Going GREEN, metal buildings have become the building of choice when it comes to commercial projects for many reasons. MBMI designs are versatile and can be adapted for almost any concept or application. Our commercial steel buildings are easy and economical to erect and require very little maintenance. With MBMI engineering you can easily expand the building, which is an additional benefit.

Steel building churches

Church projects are the most challenging when it comes to design. Finding the right look for a place of worship can be overwhelming. Our team can use their experience to help by recommending attractive designs with various hips and valleys. We can also help you get permits from your city with plans and color renderings. From small churches with a basic design to complex designs for larger congregations, no project is too big or too small. MBMI's designers will also provide you with options of other materials to use on the exterior walls of your project to give your Church the look of a concrete or brick building.

Industrial buildings

MBMI can satisfy the high demands that are required for industrial buildings for your needs of today and tomorrow. If you are in the market for an industrial building, there are many different materials to choose from. You have the choice of brick, block, concrete, steel, or wood and there is only one way to save enormous amounts of money, time and headaches. Which option is most suitable for you? If you want overhead cranes, mezzanines or any other type of structural additions, metal is the best way to go. These options and many more can easily be incorporated into your design. With MBMI's hassle free customer service to help you from quote to finish, the quality, price, delivery times of our buildings are unparalleled,. Call today for your free industrial metal building quote.

Horse riding arenas

Today almost all horse riding arenas are made of steel because of its versatility, ease of construction, and durability. Steel horse riding arenas are more economical than conventional construction and are virtually maintenance free. People with good horse sense are all going with steel. The stronger, longer lasting, recyclable, and obvious choice!

Metal garages

Garages are sprouting up everywhere. Our buildings are extremely popular because they can be designed and erected quickly. There are many color choices and you can customize the steel buildings to meet all of your garage needs. Contact us today for a building that will look nice, last 40+ years, and protect all of your belongings.

Airplane hangars

When you drive by an airport you will see - almost exclusively - metal building hangars. There are good reasons for this. First of all, with advanced technology and the newest computer software, we can design your project quickly and accurately. Compared to other traditional construction methods, MBMI's metal buildings are the most economical and efficient choice. They can easily be designed to accommodate hangar doors on any side of the building. With the help of our team, including an in-house engineering staff, your project will be erected fast, saving time and money.

RV storage

Building an RV storage building out of steel is very economical and quick to erect. We give you many options from a wide color selection to expanding in any direction. Steel metal buildings are designed to the exact specifications of our customers. Our design makes it easy to divide up your building into different interior sections, which can be easily separated with conventional building materials such as plasterboard or block.

When you need the best pre-engineered steel building company in the industry, look no further than the team at MBMI Metal Buildings. Request a quote or contact us today about predesigned metal garage kits.

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