Riding Arena

Steel Horse Barns

Wind Resistance

Our steel horse barns are designed to withstand heavy winds up to 200 miles per hour

Recycled Steel

Our steel is up to 60% recycled

Low Maintenance

Once your steel barn building is in place, it should deliver maximum performance and value over the long-term with little maintenance required

Fast & Easy Installation

You'll be amazed at how quickly we can create and deliver pre-engineered steel horse barns and riding arenas.

Are you in need of quality, durable, affordable metal horse riding arenas?

At MBMI, we offer just that - and much more. Our steel horse riding arenas and metal barns are constructed of high-quality metal to ensure that only minimal maintenance is required to conserve your structure for decades.

Why build with MBMI?

Our structures are customized to facilitate your needs in any environment. In warmer climates with rainy seasons riding arenas can be made without walls or with large sliding doors for additional airflow. Insulation is also available for enclosed structures to keep out the scorching heat or frigid cold.

Steel horse riding arenas can also be customized with stables and storage attached.  Our expert designers create the perfect home for your horses to promote a happy horse.

Riding arenas we built

Do you need an exceptionally large clear space for an indoor riding arena?

No problem! Our steel buildings can be made to fit any needs you may have! Our indoor riding arenas can be built with up to a 200ft span without any need for interior columns giving you the maximum usable space.

Even additional space can be added, for horse stables, spectator stands, round pens, metal barns or anything you like.

Customers testimonials

We chose MBMI because of the quality and the customer support they offered. We constructed the building ourselves the first time we tackled such a large project.
Don Beach
Chase, Michigan
We are really happy with the building, and it has been great for my horse training business to be able to work through the winter, even in the mountains of Colorado!
Jennifer Snyder
Boncarbo, Colorado

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