Frequently asked questions

Are steel buildings stronger than wood framed buildings?
Steel is simply more structurally efficient than wood. When you want to secure the power and strength of steel for your project, trust the team at MBMI. For an in-depth explanation, click here to read our article.
Can I just buy a standard steel building that is pre-designed?
Yes and No. At MBMI, some of our smaller buildings are pre-designed and are appropriate for any climate in the US.

We have pre-designed buildings in larger sizes as well. But slight modifications are needed. This is so that the frames are the right strength to meet the Building Code requirements for your area.

For example, if you live in an area that experiences high winds; or an area where there are heavy snow loads in the winter; you’ll have a building that’s designed to resist those loads. In addition, your local authority may have special planning requirements or building bylaws that we need to take into consideration.
What are some different types of commercial buildings?
  • Offices
    It can include single-use or multi-tenanted structures
  • Industrial
    Used for factories, warehouses, research & development, and manufacturing
  • Retail
    These structures can be used for either single-use buildings or for multi-vendors. Multi-vendor structures might be shops for a mall, plaza, strip mall, and anything of the sort.
  • Multi-family
    Such as condos, apartments and townhomes.
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