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Evolutions and Innovations: Uncovering the Capacity of Clear Span Buildings

I stand in awe every time I step into a clear span building. There’s something incredibly liberating about a wide-open, unobstructed space that takes your breath away. Being part of the architectural and engineering industry, I can’t help but appreciate the minds and mechanisms that make these structures possible. Clear span buildings are a testament […]

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Horse Arena Footing: A Comprehensive Overview

As a friend to many lifelong equestrians who’ve spent countless hours in the saddle, I understand how the quality of an arena can significantly impact both horse and rider performance. Through my work with our metal building company, which also specializes in crafting premium horse riding arenas, I’ve also been around the world of arena […]

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Metal Building Trim – What Makes it Special?

In my journey through the world of modern construction, I’ve come to realize the critical role that metal building trim plays in enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of our projects. At MBMI Metal Buildings, we prioritize integrating high-quality base trim into our designs, ensuring each structure not only boasts a polished appearance […]

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Calculating Steel Building Costs Per Square Foot

In my years at MBMI, discussing steel building costs per square foot with clients has become a cornerstone of our consultations. It’s fascinating to see how these conversations unfold, revealing the intricate dance between desires for customization and budget considerations. Our commitment is always towards demystifying this aspect, ensuring every client feels confident in their […]

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Attractive Commercial Metal Buildings

Attractive commercial metal buildings are not just a trend; they’re revolutionizing the way businesses view their physical premises. As a company at the forefront of this innovative shift, we’ve seen firsthand how these structures combine aesthetics with functionality to meet diverse needs. From sleek and modern designs to energy-efficient features, our approach is all about […]

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How Much Does A Steel Building Cost?

You’ve learned about the many benefits of metal buildings, so asking, “how much does a steel building cost?” is the logical next step. Firstly, it’s important to understand the different factors that go into pricing out the cost of your metal building. Here, we will break down exactly the types of expenses that are commonly […]

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How to Keep Your Metal Building Cool During the Summer Heat in 7 Ways

When designing a metal building, it is of the upmost importance that strategies that keep the building cool during the summer be implemented, as this will keep your HVAC system from having to work harder and longer to keep temperatures at the desired inhabitable setting, inevitable affecting your energy bill. Thankfully, there are several measures […]

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Metal Building Drawings: What Makes Them Unique?

Metal building drawings serve as the foundational blueprint for constructing durable and versatile structures, offering a glimpse into the architectural intricacies involved. These detailed plans ensure precision in the creation of buildings that can withstand various environmental challenges. As such, they are indispensable tools for architects and builders aiming to bring their robust designs to […]

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