Steel Garage Kits and Carports

A steel garage is an economical and practical choice for protecting your vehicles and adding to your interior space.

Our Team

Our engineering department is comprised of draftsmen, detailers, estimators and licensed structural engineers, all in-house, to collaboratively design and stamp the plans of each and every one of our buildings. 

Our Buildings

We are an American custom metal building company, with each product manufactured in the U.S.A. using only the finest quality metal components.

Green Buildings

As your sustainable custom steel building company, we are dedicated to saving the environment while reducing energy costs and waste. This is why our products are environmentally sustainable and green in nature.

Auto Repair Workshops

A steel garage from MBMI can serve as your pre-engineered metal auto repair shop. The classic American image is one of a vehicle in a driveway, with the owner underneath it and hard at work. However, the driveway isn’t always the perfect spot to conduct serious work on an automobile. When you choose a prefabricated metal auto repair shop from MBMI, you get the space needed to work on your car, not to mention plenty of room for storing tools and other materials.

Your prefabricated metal auto repair shop from MBMI is something to be proud of. It features substantial construction that can withstand heavy winds, deep snowfall, beating sun and more. This is more than just a roof over your head and your projects. A pre-engineered metal auto repair shop from MBMI is a durable and strong addition to your home that gives you valuable space to do effective work on your vehicles or cars belonging to others.

What our customers say

The building you sold me is absolutely great.

It exceeds all my expectations and my neighbors are all impressed. Feel free to have any potential customers call me and I’ll be glad to show them the quality of your product.

Jack Newcomb
Bushnell, FL

Their salesman worked with me to design EXACTLY what we needed, even with a few unconventional requests. It was fabricated correctly and it showed up on time.

Vero Beach, FL

We offer both traditional and custom design options for you to choose from when searching for the perfect pre-engineered metal classic car garage. We know each of our customers is different and that each comes to us with unique needs. That’s why we offer different design options and the ability for you to customize your ultimate prefabricated metal classic car garage.

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