19 Creative & Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Barndominium Steel Home This Holiday Season

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It’s finally the holiday season and there’s no better way to kick it off than by decorating your homes with lights, wreaths, and creative displays. In this article, we will be specifically focusing on creating a festive atmosphere in barndominiums. 

What is a Barndominium? 

Barndominiums in most basic terms is a metal building that has inside living space. Typically, Barndominium design will have a rustic aesthetic, creating the feel of a repurposed barn. Many are designed with a gambrel roof and an open concept floor plan. The most common use for barndominiums are homes but they also have many functions from being used as a shop, meeting center, church, and more. 

Barndominiums or metal homes have many practical benefits,  gaining them much popularity for new homeowners. 

  • Metal homes allow great versatility and are easy to expand 
  • Barndominium construction is easy and affordable 
  • Steel homes are low maintenance
  • Metal homes are energy-efficient, saving you money and being more environmentally friendly

Since barndominiums already have a rustic appeal, we want to incorporate decorations that add to that homey rustic aesthetic. So we decided to focus on rustic and Scandinavian holiday aesthetics for this article due to their accessibility and ability to be very affordable.

The Rustic Christmas Barndominium 

Adding to your barndominium’s already rustic aesthetic with rustic Christmas decorations will be the perfect way to make your home feel like a cozy Christmas cabin.

Use Mother Nature

Mother Nature can create wonderful well-priced decor. 

  • Get crafty and use pine cones as Christmas tree decorations such as hanging tree ornaments or lovely Christmas tree toppers.

  • Make your home smell amazing by incorporating evergreen at every opportunity this Christmas; from decorating with a wreath on your front door to creating unique staircase decorations.
  • Use Mother Nature’s branches to create some rustic beautiful hanging ornaments for both your Christmas tree as well as your front door.

Incorporate plaid

What is more rustic than plaid??? Not only does it create a wonderfully cozy aesthetic, but it also can be incorporated into your year-long home decor. 

  • Consider using thick plaid ribbons to wrap around your Christmas tree as well as your decorative garland.
  • Year-long cozy plaid blankets are also great to have around the living room; making them both decorative and functional. 

Bringing the holiday spirit to all the rooms in your home is definitely tricky and costly. That is why we love plaid; from plaid pj’s to plaid linens and bedsheets, you can incorporate a cozy rustic holiday aesthetic all year long. 

Steel Home with Steel Decor

Steel is all around the outside of a barndominium, why not bring it indoors to enhance that rustic feel!

  • Consider using steel baskets to hold anything from your Christmas tree, your plaid blankets, or firewood. 
  • Be creative with steel, we have seen ideas of steel buckets being hung, used as advent calendars, or as Marquette, steel lettering decorating your Christmas tree.

The Scandanavian Barndominium

Scandinavian style is also another great barndominium decor option; bringing together a chic aesthetic while being simple and cozy. The Scandinavian Christmas decor incorporates nude tones, simple textures and materials, geometric design, and lots of natural elements. 

Keep Christmas decorations simple

Scandinavian decor focuses on simplicity and minimization. 

  • Even when deciding on a tree, choose a tree that can resemble one that you picked out of your backyard. Small, imperfect, and unique!
  • Avoid over-decorating the tree, lightly decorate the tree with yellow warm lights and delicate ornaments to add some festive cheer without being an overwhelming amount of bright colors.
  • Neutral tones are key to your Christmas decor; nudes, whites, and silvers. But don’t be afraid to throw in some deep greens or reds. 
  • Don’t forget to incorporate what you own as you lightly decorate around it. Minimization is about only owning what you need.

The more hygge the better

Hygge is the center of a lot of Scandinavian countries’ living, it is a Danish word meaning “a quality of coziness and comfort that brings an indescribable feeling of contentment or well-being.” So it only makes sense to try and incorporate this feeling into your Scandinavian Christmas decor. 

  • Bundle Up! Bundle your yearlong furniture in layers of soft blankets, fluffy pillows and some faux animal hides to increase that warmth and relaxation into your indoor space.
  • Rugs can be an all year round decor, if you want to incorporate a Scandinavian feel to it, we recommend a faux hide rug, preferably a darker hair-on-hide, that’ll give your space that rustic charm.
  • Candles and warm lights are popular in cold Scandinavian winters. There are so many versatile ways to incorporate lights this season. 
    • You can place candles or lights in a jar and place them around the house
    • Intertwine lights with some pine branches
    • Cluster candles them in a tray to complement your table’s focal point 

No such thing as too much evergreen

A Scandinavian aesthetic should feel like a breath of fresh mountain air, adding greenery to the mix of holiday decor is a great way to capture this nature-inspired feeling. 

  • Scandinavians love to hang multiple simple wreaths on their walls, adding fresh hints of Christmas decor all around the house. 
  • Using evergreen or eucalyptus as table runners provide fragrance and freshness to your holiday dining decor. Add pinecones and other natural elements to create a more elaborate runner. You can either do it yourself or buy a premade runner online.
  • Create festive yet simple front door decor by draping fresh cedar garland around your front door and stairs; this beautifully frames your entrance without being too overwhelming.
  • Don’t throw away the leftover or fallen evergreen pieces from your tree or front porch; be resourceful and use them for simple decor.
    • Mix them with white flowers for a Christmas bouquet
    • Incorporate the cuttings into your nativity scene
    • Combine some simple candles and other decor (ornaments or pinecones) and add some greenery to complete the fresh holiday design
    • Use them while wrapping up presents

What about the Outside of Your Barndominium?

So now that the inside of your home is embracing the holiday spirit you can tackle the somewhat tedious effort of putting up your outdoor lights. Because it really doesn’t feel like the holidays without hanging up the outdoor Christmas lights. Luckily, your barndominium’s metal roof does make the process a bit less tedious. 

If you are interested in seeing a step by step guide on how to do so check out MBMI’s previous article 4 Ways To Hang Up Lights On A Metal Roof & Proper Storage and have a holly jolly Christmas from all of us at MBMI!

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