Are Metal Barns Good?

A drive around the country roads is enough to tell you that today, most owners of farms, ranches and stables are choosing metal barns. Why have these buildings become so popular in recent years? It’s because of their durability, flexibility, ease of maintenance and reasonable cost.

Metal Barns are Durable

Barns, stables and other agricultural buildings are hardworking structures. They’re simply constructed and are missing a lot of the finishes that houses and other buildings are fitted with. They need to be able to function with minimum protection from the elements.

Unfortunately, wood is susceptible to water damage. It can rot, and as an organic material, it can become home to insects and small mammals. A wooden barn needs to be kept painted, and there’s no way to prevent the parts of it that are close to the ground and exposed to moisture from deteriorating.

An all-metal barn will not be subject to rot, and it will stay cleaner and more sanitary as the decades pass. Metal also requires less maintenance than wood. With galvanizing or a durable coating, it will be less susceptible to rust than a wood barn is to rot. It won’t need to be painted, and it will probably never need to be repaired.

Metal Barns are Strong

Steel framing is stronger than standard lumber and can support a much longer open span without obstruction. Our buildings can create open spaces as wide as 200 feet and as long as you need them to be, with no intermediate posts. The strength of steel also allows metal barns to stand up to high winds and heavy loads.

Metal barns are easy to modify, too. It’s simple to add on more length, to add a canopy, or even to add new wings to an existing metal barn.

Why a Barn from MBMI Metal Buildings?

If your needs are simple, MBMI metal buildings can deliver a low cost, off the shelf solution.


However, for an only slightly greater cost, we can provide you with a custom engineered metal building. We can design an agricultural building of any size or shape, or even with more than one story. We’ve designed barns for animals and barns for equipment storage. We have provided our customers with stables and riding arenas as well as workshops and car barns. Because we have professional engineers on staff, it’s never a problem for us to meet your unique requirements.

We’re located in eastern Florida. We have a high risk of hurricanes here, so you know that we can engineer and detail our buildings for extreme weather. You’ll feel good knowing that your barn was designed and manufactured in the U.S.

Our metal outbuildings are not expensive. Our customers usually find that we can provide them with a custom engineered, long span building for around the cost of a pole barn.

Finally, we can offer you an endless range of options in the appearance of the finished structure. Whether you’d prefer a barn with traditional looking and inexpensive red metal siding or a barn with wood siding, traditional shingles, or even a brick veneer, we can provide it.

Request a free quote now and start your new barn building project!

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