For some people the answer is in black and white. They know exactly what they want, how they need it, and where it’s going to be installed.


That might not be the case for you.

You might have done some research already and have found the pros and cons of carports and metal garages.

Is there a difference between a carport, canopy, garage?

  • Unless it is attached to another building, in which case, it would have even two or three sides that are open.

         Carports Garages



Whether you get a carport or a garage- both made of metal, they will both rank high for durability.

Hurricane-Grade metal is used to building steel carports and steel garages so that your vehicles and other motor toys are safe from hurricanes and other types of extreme weather conditions  –

Hurricane rated carports withstand hurricane winds; however, they are not meant to protect your vehicles, while an actual hurricane is approaching.

Their main purpose is to cover your vehicles from the sun and normal rain conditions.

How can they be customized?

Metal buildings can come in a variety of colors. The colors can be customized from the walls, the doors, roof, trim, and you can even do stripes if that’s your thing!

There’s no limit on how big or small you want your carport to be.  (how tall are they normally)

Solar panels are a great option for buildings that are in states with a ton of sunshine.

Uses: Where can they be put?

Carports can be used for personal or commercial use. Either of these options will be up to the state/ county with what is and isn’t allowed as far as permits and regulations go.

Rules and regulations

vary state to state, and neighborhood to neighborhood.

Check to make sure what your zone laws are for having a metal building.

SHOW ROOMS are another great example of what carports are used for.

PARKING LOTS can sometimes have carports so that [some] of the cars can be covered from the sun and/ or rain whether it is at a mall, gas station, or even a school.

ADDITION TO YOUR HOME There are no limitations on where a carport can go, even attached to your home or commercial building is a great, and popular choice.  


Where can I get one?

MBMI creates a custom look that is unique to your needs. Additionally, our designers and engineers help throughout the process of your project.

American Steel is used to create these hurricane grade carports and the customizations are second to none.

Metal carport prices can vary from state to state. So, for a good reference, a carport and a garage that are both 30 x 40×12 could be around: $9K VS. $12k.

Overall Advantages

It can be made as simplistic as possible…

Meaning, you can just have it as a roof system and not have any walls around the structure.

Durability is a huge advantage, however, not all companies uphold that promise. Many companies take deposits, promise quality, and efficiency; then you’re left with no building and a non-refundable deposit.

With that being said…

MBMI prides itself on high-quality products to create, not only, carports but also, with every building.

Affordable and tend to be cheaper than a garage. This is a great option for those that do not need to have a fully enclosed building for their vehicles.


Keep in mind, the only way a carport is really cheaper is if it is a non-rigid frame.

Second, I-beam constructed buildings are A LOT stronger which can increase the price compared to other companies that use cheaper and weaker materials.

Carports protect your vehicle

They require little maintenance…

With our buildings being mold and termite resistant, there is very little maintenance that goes into owning an MBMI product as well as having a 40-year warranty on the paint of the building.

About MBMI
MBMI is formed by a group of top steel building professionals who focus on delivering the best products and services possible.

We have the experience and know how to put together the highest quality steel building kit existing in the metal industry.