Benefits Of A Metal Riding Arena

Why should you choose steel for your riding arena? Just to start: steel is far better in defense of pests and rot!

With the scorching summer months staring us in the face, Equestrians all over are mentally preparing for that oppressive sun. And while the promise of summer brings with it sunny plans of beaches and cocktails, those in the horse world may not want to jump into it with the unbridled joy that most do.

Heat and sun exposure can quickly tire both the horse and rider at a much faster pace than in the winter months. Fear of over-heating can cause trainers to cut lessons short, as can unstable footing caused by summer thunderstorms. All of this can seriously affect a student’s overall training program. So…what’s a cowboy or cowgirl to do?

Enter…steel! It sounds so simple and maybe even random but either a covered outdoor ring or an entirely indoor riding arena is the absolute answer to every rider’s summer riding qualms! A protected arena allows students to practice in a climate controlled setting not only shielding both the horse and rider from the sun, but also rain, which means more riding can be done in a safe and secure setting leading to faster student growth!

Speaking of security, horses and riders (not just children but adult riders too!) feel more secure in a covered space, and even better, a closed, covered space. The controlled environment decreases the chance of distractions that normal rings can’t protect against. That adorable stable dog barking at new arrivals or chasing squirrels may be a quaint vignette of bucolic barn life but could also distract the rider or spook the horses causing an unsafe environment.

Indoor rings also present the opportunity to invest in the better footing. The footing is so important for training and it can change in a heartbeat when exposed to the weather. Too much rain can create mud which can result in slippery footing…always unsafe for riding. Sloppy mud can turn into packed mud which can be too hard for your horses’ hooves. These scenarios can both result with your horse pulling a shoe which means more money to the farrier.

Closed indoor rings also offer the chance to place some bleachers out of the elements for parents to watch their kids achieve some horsey dreams. And let’s face it since the parents are paying, they will want to witness where their money is going.

And lastly, in the equestrian world, an indoor arena screams professionalism. Not only is it a sound investment in terms of safety but new clients looking for a true professional stable will be impressed by the option to ride inside. All the best training facilities have this option.

So why steel?

1) Steel is durable. Rain, heat, wind, even fire, are no matches for steel.
2) Steel is the most affordable construction material option.
3) Steel offers way more design options that concrete just can’t.
4) Steel is far better in defense of pests and rot, unlike wood. Definitely a plus for barns!

5) Lighter footprint. Steel is the world’s most recycled material. And it doesn’t need a foundation!

It’s a simple solution for those ponies you pour all your love into and for the hardworking students, you root for…it’s a no brainer!

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