How a Metal Building Saves You Money

Steel has evolved as a cutting-edge construction material that's become nothing less than effective - in terms of strength, design, durability, and cost-effectiveness. With a plethora of advantages and benefits, the choice to construct with steel is nearly exclusively the ideal choice.

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At MBMI, we understand the obligation of excellence and the pedigree of quality, and our work is thus characterized. Along with that, however, we realize the necessity for a cost-effective solution, particularly in today's economy. A properly engineered building created and conducted by the highly professional and customer-oriented team at MBMI will guarantee you top quality without burning a hole in your wallet.

A properly engineered building, in and of itself, will save you money - as aforementioned, one of the many attractions of steel construction:

  • The longevity and durability of steel means that you spend a lot less on future repairs and reconstruction; steel is one of the most low-maintenance materials in the industry
  • Heavy-duty steel structures provide an ideal sanctuary for all types of weather:
    • Steel can withstand heavy winds up to 200 mph
    • Steel's resilience and flexibility help to keep the building intact in earthquake-prone regions
    • Steel can be easily insulated, keeping heat inside or outside the home as needed
    • Insulated steel offers many additional solutions, including sun-reflective metal roofs, rainwater-collecting mechanisms, etc.
  • Steel buildings can be juxtaposed with additions any time, thus adding additional space without having to purchase another complete building
  • Steel won't rot or age, and won't be infiltrated by termites, mildew, or mold
  • Steel is fire-proof, and far more immune to daily wear-and-tear
  • At MBMI, we uphold "green initiative" elements - including solar panels, recycled material usage, and energy-efficient metal roofs and solar panels - in order to reduce energy costs and waste.

Our team guarantees that delivery will take a maximum of only 30 days to reach your property from the moment you order. Erection time is swift and cost-effective, as all of the clips are pre-welded at our IAS-certified facilities. And although we are always happy to provide assistance and guidance in any possible way, you should know that pre-engineered metal buildings can be so easy and quick to assemble, you could even save a few extra bucks and tackle the job yourself!