The Ultimate Guide On How Much A Steel Building Costs

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So you’re interested in a steel building, now what? Once you’ve learned about the many benefits of metal buildings, a cost analysis is the logical next step in considering your new building project. So asking, “how much does a steel building cost?” is a great way to get started.

First things first, it’s important to understand the different factors that go into pricing out the cost of your metal building. Here, our goal is to break down exactly the types of expenses that are commonly considered when pricing out a metal building.

The Cost of a Metal Building Per Square Foot

When researching the cost of a metal building per square foot, pricing can certainly vary depending on the different factors that go into determining an estimated fee. Misleading information and confusing comprehensive price variations that exist within the industry can be discouraging, but stick with us and we’ll help alleviate your apprehension by addressing common misconceptions and answering your burning, cost-related questions surrounding the construction of a steel building. 

Here’s the deal…

Formulating an accurate steel building price quote requires the right information. No matter how many times we blow out our Birthday candles, that all-inclusive, magic number simply does not exist.

On the high side, a steel building could cost $25 per square foot. But keep in mind, that number is by no means law and certainly does not apply to the construction of every metal building. That begs the question, how did we come up with $25 per square foot? 

Here’s a metal building cost breakdown:

A steel building price of $25 per square foot will typically include permits, concrete, a shell of the metal building, and its erecting cost.

A rough estimate for a 50×100 building should look a little like this: 

Erecting price per square foot: $4-$6
The shell of 50x 100 building per square foot: $10*
*The price per square foot of the shell can go down as the building gets larger.  
Concrete per square foot: $8-10

Needless to say, prices will often fluctuate. Contractors have different rates, loads and codes are also going to be variables in determining each metal building’s cost per square foot.

Our team of professions at MBMI have been thoughtful in calculating a reliable ballpark-price that’s easily adapted on a state-by-state case. Click on the image below to review the rough pricing estimation for each of our most popular building sizes. 

This will give you a better understanding of how much your steel building, or metal home project will cost. 

Don’t just take our word for it, though.

Below you’ll find an outline that examines the cost determination factors for pricing each metal building size.

Designing A Metal Building

Not all steel buildings are the same, nor are they just a simple box. At MBMI Metal Buildings, our team will masterfully craft each metal building to suit your specific needs. Therefore the cost of each unique metal building can vary with any slight design alterations you may request. 

Details – Dimensions 

While we have about 10 popular sizes on our site to give you a rough idea of what a steel building costs, we know you may require specific size dimensions that we are unable to publish in explicit detail. However, our staff and experts are always happy to help create a more personalized quote for your own steel home or building.


The customization process of a metal building can be the most volatile factor in determining the cost of your steel structure.

Our MBMI Metal Building designers are eager to help you nail down exact pricing and customization plans for your project. If you’re searching for a quick quote without getting into too much detail, you can check out our ballpark prices for popular dimension overviews that will help you get started.  

When you’re ready to start constructing your metal building, please call and speak to our expert designers. Keep in mind that there are intricate details that cannot be done solely through a messenger chat or a couple of clicks online. Our seasoned professionals will provide a seamless experience by gathering all the necessary information to formulate a reliable steel building price estimation and design plan. 

Our quote form will request your desired size dimensions, contact information, and a few other simple-to-answer questions to give us a basic idea of where to start.

Our designers and engineers will develop a thoughtful and comprehensive plan to ensure all your concerns are met. We’re also happy to answer any questions you may have related to cost and design decisions.

More Windows & Doors Means More Money

The quote form will allow you to request your preferred number of windows and doors, or “openings” in the notes section, as well as where they’re located and how large or small each opening will be.

However, be aware that the more openings you add to a project, the more your price will increase.

All of our metal buildings are built to the exact specifications requested, for the highest satisfaction rate in the industry. With this level of accuracy, we assure our clients that there are no misunderstandings as we deliver the exact details requested by our customers.

Because of our diligence, phone conversations with our designers are highly recommended, and in most cases required. 

Unique Shapes

A simple box shape is an easy consideration for cost-conscious, budget-friendly projects.

More intricate, in-depth designs will fabricate a more complicated design on the engineering side as well as the installation process. These unique shapes will also be reflected in the price of your metal building. 

 Different Panel Colors

Color combinations can create a more unique and visually stunning design to your steel building, however many different color panels can also cause a bump in the price as well. More components and a more complex installation effort are contributing components to a price increase.

Wainscotting panels can make an incredible difference to the look of the building. It’s a simple and elegant touch that won’t necessarily break the bank, but if your goal is to keep the design simple and costs low, you may want to reconsider adding additional panel colors.


The location of your project is very important in creating an accurate metal building price quote.  

Our manufacturing locations include Houston, Tulsa, and Atlanta. The closer you are to one of our manufacturing plants, the better your shipping rate will be.

Loads & Codes 

This is one of the most common culprits in price fluctuation. 

If there was no wind, snow, earthquakes, or seismic activity to account for then it would be easy to price out everyone’s metal building in less than a minute. If this were the case, the magic number would exist.

However, we do not live in a cookie-cutter world, where one size fits all. Each metal building project has unique details, dimensions, locations, and design specifications that must be considered in producing an accurate cost estimation.  

Also, consider what your metal building will be used for. Will you have a sprinkler system, mezzanine, a crane inside? All these variables will affect your price.


Acquiring permits is another crucial component in calculating additional building costs. Different areas require different permits. Your General Contractor can help in obtaining the specific permits needed on a per-project basis. 

We can provide engineered stamped drawings through your local building department. Stamps drawings are mandatory in obtaining the permit- if a permit is required by your county.

Cost Efficiency 

Cutting Costs on Your Steel Building 

Here are are a few ways you can save money on your metal building:

  1. Small buildings can offer a “do-it-yourself” alternative. 
    • With smaller projects, it is very possible to put up the steel building yourself. However, that’s not to say it’s as simple as assembling an IKEA dresser. These are NOT metal building “kits.” if you are planning on erecting the building yourself, you should already have experience putting up a metal building or work with someone who has.
    • The bottom line: the more experience you and your crew have, the better your building will go up. 
  2. In some areas, steel buildings can have lower insurance fees, however, some might worry about cooling and heating costs. Whereas wood frames make it easier to modify your home – some concerns are weather damage, rot, mold, warping, and pests. 
    • It is recommended to add insulation to metal buildings to ensure the heating and cooling of the building are properly adequate. 
  3. Cheaper than tilt-wall for commercial and industrial buildings. 
    • Once buildings start to reach the 10,000 square foot mark and up, many companies consider building with metal to decrease the price of the project. 
    • Metal buildings still offer durability and can withstand hurricane strong winds. Additionally, for those that do not wish to have the metal look can add exterior materials so that it looks like stucco or anything else desired. 
  4. Churches and organizations can organize a group together and put the building up together with simple designs 
    • As previously mentioned in the first point, these are not metal building kits. Groups and organizations can work with an experienced crew, and as the saying goes, “many hands make light work,” which can also save a great amount of money.  

Low Maintenance 

Because there is little to no maintenance for metal buildings, this can benefit you in the long term as steel buildings are mold and termite resistant. 

This means buildings made from steel will virtually cost nothing to upkeep.

Extra Costs to Consider

As previously mentioned, you have:

  • Concrete that can roughly cost about $8-$10 per square foot. 
  • Erecting the building (includes employing a crew to install the building) price will vary from $4-$6 per square foot or 10% -15% of the building price.

There are a few more costs to consider that is outside of the shell of the building: 

  • Interior: Includes the drywall, cabinets, stairs, etc. This can be done through your GC. 
  • Electric/ plumbing: Can be done through GC or other companies.  
  • Land: Consider the cost of the property if you do not already own land.

In summary, there is a multitude of factors that configure the cost of a metal building. We understand that wanting an instant price online would be ideal. However, with all the questions involved, we hope you better understand why a phone call with our designers ultimately makes the experience easier.

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