Metal Warehouse: How To Build A Crossfit Gym

Let’s start from the beginning. Most people know what kind of high-intensity fitness training we are talking about here. If you don’t know, don’t worry, as we are here to help you understand a little better.

Here is the technical explanation of Crossfit quoted from Nerdfitness.comCrossFit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts. Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength or conditioning, not specializing in one particular thing, but rather to build a body that’s capable of practically anything and everything”.

Now you know a little bit more in-depth explanation about this great workout. But if you are still wondering why you should do it, this is why.

Crossfit is undoubtedly an excellent workout for the regular person. You don’t have to be good at anything in particular. The training is designed to adapt to anyone willing to do the workout, at any age, shape, or form.

The number one thing you need the most when selecting this sport is commitment!

Crossfit is the kind of training that should be done at least 5x a week for you to see faster progress. Don’t want to do it that much? Don’t worry! You can still see results if you limit doing Crossfit 2-3 times a week. Honestly, after you start, you might become addicted and want to go every day anyways.

This training will fit you individually if you enjoy getting a good sweat while doing a lot of weight lifting.

 Although all programs can be adapted for those who cannot do specific movements (ex. can’t do squats, or lift past a certain weight), the workout remains as close to the original version as possible, while still being adaptable to those with certain restrictions.

We understand that Crossfit is a great workout, but might not be for everyone. If you enjoy more of a calmer, less weight lifting focused workout like Pilates or yoga. We wouldn’t suggest it for you.


Now let us tell you a bit about the benefit of doing this workout.

CrossFit training goes beyond working out your physical and mental health. According to “It improves your physical strength, aerobic fitness, agility, balance, flexibility as well as burn tons of calories and manages weight loss.”

CrossFit contends that a person is as fit as they are proficient in each of ten general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. (

It also helps that most times the workouts are not very long. This is beneficial for anyone with a busy schedule. All you have to do is show up and get a great workout before heading off to your next destination.

Here are three major things you will need before you open up your gym to the public:

1. Equipment

When thinking of specific items you will need for your gym, you might want to include these items listed in priority order: Olympic barbell, plates/weights, pullup bar, kettlebells, squat rack, box, medicine ball, dumbbells, etc..

Always invest in quality equipment to avoid faulty items, and having to buy over and over again, equipment that ends up breaking after short usage.

Remember, quality over quantity.

Although Crossfit equipment can be very pricey, take in consideration that Crossfit memberships can average between $150-$300. The memberships will make up for your investments. We firmly believe you will get back all the money you invest.


There are so many different items you can buy. Understanding what is essential for your gym is ideal if trying to keep it on a budget. Different training goals and programs might need more of one equipment than the other.

It’s also essential to understand the average amount of people that will be attending each session. Knowing that will help you get the proper amount of training equipment, as well as a big enough space for everyone.

We recommend putting a business plan in place, so you are ahead of the planning process.

2. Certified Trainer

Secondly, let’s talk about trainers.

When it comes to finding the perfect CrossFit gym, people will be considering who will be training them, so investing in certified trainers is essential.

There are different categories when it comes to CrossFit certifications, and diligent research is required.

Some certificates include but are not limited to:

  • CrossFit Level 1
  • CrossFit Level 2
  • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer, and so on

Understanding each certification is a must when hiring your trainers. High certified trainers will understand more about how workouts need to be scheduled. This way trainers won’t program a workout with same muscle group back-to-back as muscle recovery is essential for any sport.

Someone with in-depth knowledge will be able to help you finalize the essential equipment needed for your gym.

3. Location

Last but not least, let’s talk a little bit about the proper building for your gym.

Steel buildings are a great option when considering where you want to build your CrossFit gym.


Customization is Key

Firstly, you can have garage doors! If you don’t know, garage doors are usual in a CrossFit gym because it allows the natural breeze to come in while class is in session. So don’t be afraid to add as many as you want, or as big as you want! It also provides great air circulation depending on the design of your building.

Secondly, you can also customize the building to have as many windows as you want, and even add some extra skylights for a natural light source. Natural light resources are great if you are trying to keep the power bill down.

For those extra hot days, you can add a few big fans as well. If you are concerned about the metal building getting too hot during the hot summer days, don’t worry! Appropriate insulation will be added, so it doesn’t turn into a hot box.

Proper Insulation

Now, let’s remember that buying the building is the easy part, but finding a competent company to do so is the hardest. Like we said before at our Advantages of Living In A Tiny Home, “At MBMI Metal Buildings, we build steel buildings according to your wants and needs. Our in-house team of professionals provides you with the support and guidance you want throughout the process.”

We use the best materials and finishes with sound engineering practices to build a sturdy structure that allows you to take advantage of all the benefits of a steel building.

The cost-effective construction lets you enjoy the financial freedom of owning your gym and fast build times mean you can open your new gym quickly. Contact us to find out more about customizing your own steel building so you can join the CrossFit gym era!

Lastly, understanding these things will help you have a very successful CrossFit gym of your own. Remember to create a business plan, and understand a bit more of the back-end business-related things as well to keep everything going smoothly financially wise.

Good luck!


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