4 Ways To Hang Up Lights On A Metal Roof & Proper Storage

Metal roofs have become much more popular in recent years. They can be seen hanging on traditional homes, to full-framed metal homes, and even businesses might have metal roofs.  Whether you have a standard home or a metal home, having a metal roof might be different when it comes time to put up your Christmas lights.

Some might think that the different roof material would make hanging lights more difficult, but lo and behold, its the same level of difficulty. If you thought that putting up Christmas lights on traditional shingles was easy, then lights on a metal roof will be easy. If you think putting up lights on the roof is challenging, well we have news for you; it might be challenging.

Joking aside, metal roofs should actually make the process a little bit easier than with traditional shingles or any other materials. We have put together a step by step guide on how to install lights onto a metal roof.


Different Methods For Your Metal Roof

First, let’s take a look at some of the different options you have for getting your lights up on your metal roof.

  • Magnetic clips
  • Command Strips
  • Magnetic Lights
  • Plastic Clips

Magnetic Clips

Here is a link if you’re in need of a bulk purchase of C7 and C9 Clips. With these clips, all you have to do is put the magnetic side to your metal roof. The strength should hold up nicely while you string your lights and throughout the duration of the holidays. And you can even get them on Amazon as well.

Another magnetic option is magnetic hooks. These are available on Amazon, called, Netany x228 12 LB Heavy Duty Magnetic Hooks, in a pack of 12 with a pull force of 12lbs. A great advantage of magnetic hooks is you can use it for other purposes. Whether you use if for Christmas lights, outdoor decor, or even bring it inside to put on your fridge

Process: With the magnetic clips, Simply snap a clip on every socket of a Christmas light cord constructed with 18 AWG wire. Be sure to choose specified clips based on your cord’s insulation specification. With the hooks, place the hooks in the desired line and hang the string of likes onto the hooks.

Test your metal roof with a common household magnet to confirm that a magnet will have a strong hold.

Command Strips

The next option to consider for your metal roof is outdoor command strips. These are a great option since they come in a variety of finishes, durable, and not permanent. If any mistakes are made, command strips are easy to remove and reapply.

Some amazing features of command strips are that they can withstand temperatures of -20°F to 125°F, UV & water-resistant, and each strip can hold up to 5 lbs.

Process: Make sure the surface is clean. Remove the back of the command strip seal to reveal the stick strip. Then place it onto the surface, holding for 10 seconds. Here are further instructions and how to remove the strip, https://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/1145993O/17083bz-awef-command-outdoor-lrg-metallic-bronze-dsgner-hook.pdf.

Magnetic Lights

Magnetic lights are the ideal option if you need to buy Christmas lights or you want to make your life a lot easier.

If you want to make life easier, we would defiantly suggest this method of hanging up your lights.

Process: Measure the area you want lights to make sure you have enough length. https://litenetics.com/ Lets you customize the bulb style, color, and size. It also lets you choose the spacing between each bulb.

Plastic Clips

Last on our list are plastic clips, to hang lights on a metal roof. This might be an easier option to find in your local hardware store. Again, this option can also be found on Amazon called, Adams Christmas 5150-99-1040 Mighty Light Clip or there’s another good option called, NOMA C9 LED Quick Clip Christmas Lights.

These clips are a good alternative if you want a budget-friendly option and already have Christmas lights.

Process: Clips can be attached to gutters or shingles easily and effectively.

How To Store Lights After The Holidays

When the holiday season is over and it’s time to take off your Christmas lights and decor, here are a few options to consider.

  • Take a piece of cardboard and wrap your lights around it for a tangle-free eco-friendly solution.
    • You want to make sure the cardboard is at least 12 inches or bigger.
  • Zip-tie option: Hold one end of the lights in your hand and wrap around your elbow, back to your hand, to coil it together.
    • Add zip-ties to

With either of these alternatives, you can go one step further by placing the lights and other decorations in a bag or box. Labeling the bag or box also helps with finding your decorations easily for the following holiday season.

Good luck with your holiday project this year and we hope these make the process easier. Happy Holidays!

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