Hurricane Prep For Your Metal Building

In light of what happened this past month with hurricane Dorian, we are here to tell you a few key points on why being prepared is essential.

Florida was EXTREMELY fortunate this time, but it could have been as bad as the Bahamas, and for that, we should prepare. Our hearts are with those severely affected by the storm, and we are praying for a speedy recovery for all. The Bahamas and its people are in our thoughts.

Most of us know how to get prepared for a hurricane so we won’t be going into the details, but we want to educate you a bit more about metal building safety.

Your business is very important to you. 

That’s how you make your livelihood. While you are busy taking care of your house and family amidst hurricane warnings, you might forget about your business. So prepare ahead not to regret later.

We are here to tell you why a metal building is a great option when preparing for hurricane season.

It’s important to have hurricane wind rated buildings with storm proof windows and doors, and MBMI can help you with that.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business or equipment you want to protect. We can custom build any style of building to fit your business needs.

Here are a few examples of the types of buildings that you should considerer for your business.


If you have livestock, we would suggest a barn. We can create barns fit for your specific needs that can house anything from chickens to cows and horses. It’s essential to have a building that can sustain hurricane wind forces, while still allowing proper airflow circulation for the animals. 

You should consider the type of animal you have when buying your barn. Different sizes can accommodate different animals, so make sure to have the proper room for your livestock.  

We can also add stalls or stall walls to keep animals separated, fans for better airflow, and specific lighting to cater to your requirements. 

Barns are also useful for equipment like tractors or trailers. 



If you want something a little more industrial looking, we can accommodate accordingly by building you a big garage-like building or a warehouse, where tractors, semi-trucks, forklift, and different equipment can fit. 

Commercial warehouses are a great type of metal building that can be built according to your size requirements while supporting a strong structure for hurricane forces.

Hurricane proof windows can be installed to allow natural daylight in while still maintaining your business secure. 


If your business consists of car rentals or car services, we could build a big enough garage to house all your cars.

The garage can be custom made to have proper lighting and air-controlled temperature to keep your cars in the perfect environment.

It doesn’t stop at commercial, same goes for personal garages!

A bathroom could also be added to any of our buildings should you decide to utilize it as a safe compound for your family as well.

We know it’s a big investment and a lot of information to process before moving forward, so let us know if you need any help!

We know how much short notice is given before a hurricane strikes, so prepare early to not stress about it later!


What MBMI Promises

Our buildings can be made for any speed.

MBMI already creates strong structures but we accommodate all requirements to suit your county and state.

This could require more beams or adding more purlins to the building which strengthen the building. All counties have their own loads and codes, as to what they require. MBMI can fulfill that to make sure the structure is secure.

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