Hyperloop Prototype Facility


Here is the Virgin Hyperloop One prototype facility. This building is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What is Virgin Hyperloop One?

The company, formerly known as just, Hyperloop One, is a transportation technology company that has the end goal of becoming a commercialized high-speed commuting system.

Elon Musk, mainly known for his company Tesla, was part of the main concept of this new type of transportation.

The concept of Hyperloop is for it to travel up to 700 mph – efficiently, safely, and reliably.

Here is the short video from Hyperloop explaining what it can actually do in further detail.

The best part…

Hyperloop will be used on land or underwater.

How Will The Facility Be Used?

This facility was built in order to create the prototype for Hyperloop One. The building houses various electrical equipment to power the systems needed for testing prototype vehicles. 


How MBMI Customizes Its Buildings 

Each building is designed in its own unique way. If the building is going to an area where there is a lot of snow, then the design must reflect on the snow load of the building, etc. So, the destination of the project is critical to starting the design process. 

First, MBMI gets the dimensions from the customer to start the most basic part of the design. Our team really appreciates if there are already architectural designs that they can base their work from, especially if the building is being used for something that includes interior work. 

From there, the designer asked the customer if there are windows, doors, insulation, etc.

This is just a summarized run through of what a designer might ask the customer. Again, each building and customer is unique so the questions will vary.

How Did MBMI Customize This Building In Particular?

To start, the dimensions of this project are 65’x75’18.

There is no snow load required, but there is a wind load which is: 115 MPH. In areas with hurricanes, the wind load can be higher.


3D Of Hyperloop

Colors can be mixed and matched for different parts of the building.

  • Roof Color: Galvalume / Plain
  • Wall Color: Sahara Tan
  • Trim Color: Steel Grey

To wrap up…

The building includes:

  • 2- 3070M insulated doors
  • 1- 6070M Insulated door
  • 1- 12×14 insulated roll-up door
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