Metal Framing for Church Buildings

Can an MBMI metal building provide a strong, inspiring and comfortable space for worship and fellowship? Absolutely! Our steel-framed buildings make excellent churches, and of course they can be adapted for use as other types of religious buildings, as well.

A Metal Church Can Look as Traditional as you Wish

Our metal frames can span up to 200 feet with no interior columns. Our buildings lend themselves to wide-open spaces, and they can be constructed in any length, and with intersecting parts. That means that your metal-framed church can be anything from a small, simple, rectangular chapel to a grand, cross-shaped cathedral.

  • Yes, your church can have high ceilings! It’s easy for us to vary the height of our metal frames in a custom job.
  • Yes, your church can have a steeple! We can design one of steel, or we can design your building to work with a steeple from another supplier.
  • Yes, your church can have large windows! It’s even possible to install stained glass windows into one of our metal buildings with the proper design and preparation.
  • Yes, your church can have brick or wood on the outside. It’s the metal framing that makes our buildings strong and an excellent value. Although metal siding is the most economical choice for the exterior, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination (and your budget).

A Metal Church is Strong and Durable

A church is meant to be a sanctuary. When there’s an emergency and when they’re scared, people should be able to trust their church to be a shelter from the storm. A steel-framed building can withstand any type of weather. It will be a safe gathering place in dangerous times.

A Metal Church is a Good Value

If your growing congregation is looking for a home large enough to support all of its meetings and activities, then a metal building may be the perfect solution. We can design anything from an addition to an existing church to a whole new complex. This is without a doubt the least expensive way to construct a large new building, so you’ll be able to get started sooner than you ever would have thought possible.

If you base your new religious building on a metal frame, you’ll know that it’s strong and stable to the core. Some of our customers plan their church building in stages: a basic metal church with metal siding and roofing to get started, then a steeple and more attractive siding and finishes as the resources become available. We are always happy to work with congregations on a plan that will meet both their short term needs and their long term aspirations.

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