Protecting Your Investment: How to Improve Your Steel Building's Security and Safety

The popularity of steel structures and buildings for both residential storage and particularly commercial use has increased dramatically in the last decade due to their convenience, reliability and affordability. However, all kinds of buildings can catch the attention of would-be thieves. While it's true that property crime rates have slowly decreased over the years as security measures have increased, it's essential to have a security assessment of steel structures on the property to avoid becoming a statistic. Here are some ways to protect your investment by improving security both inside and outside of steel buildings, regardless of their purpose.

Motion Detectors and Lighting Systems

One of the biggest enemies of nighttime burglars are the sudden onslaught of bright spotlights that draw attention. Installing a motion-detecting lighting system around the perimeter of steel buildings and near key access points can be highly effective deterrent that also gives criminals the impression that security is tight. Back up the lighting and motion detection system by integrating them with the next security implement.

Security Camera Systems

Security cameras today are highly sophisticated systems that actually don't have to break the bank. Owners can enjoy 24/7 access to live feed from every vantage point of structures simply by installing an affordable smart security camera system or a CCTV surveillance system. These systems can be integrated with motion detectors, lighting, alarms, and even with high security keyless locking systems. Cameras should be strategically aimed in common and parking areas, entry and exit ways, areas where valuables are stored, elevators and anywhere lurkers may find security weaknesses.

Install Perimeter Fencing

Public and commercially operated steel structures such as churches, school buildings, community centers, aircraft hangars, storage facilities, riding arenas, etc., warrant the additional protection that entry-resistant perimeter fencing has to offer. Both owners, tenants and facility guests will appreciate the extra security, if it takes them an extra few seconds to gain access through a security gate with a card or remote control. Don't forget about integrating the lighting and security systems into monitoring the gate and various points along the fencing perimeter.

Utilize Keyless Electronic Locking Systems

While high-security lock and key systems are challenging to pick and duplicate, these features are useless when keys get lost or stolen and ultimately fall into the wrong hands. Keyless electronic locks that use a card access system allow authorized individuals to have total control over who gets in and out and when. If the need ever arises to deny access to any issued card, a simple command can erase that key which simplifies access for staff and patrons alike.

Increase Security Through Smart Environmental Design

Depending on the purpose and location of the structure, getting security smart with landscaping could help deter potential criminals. Overgrowth around the building creates the illusion that the premises are being neglected, and high weeds and bushes can be utilized as a place to hide for miscreants that want to take advantage of that. Keep the property looking nice and well maintained with short shrubs that increase visibility in case someone suspicious is prowling around.

Educate Tenants

Those with commercial steel buildings that have tenants will obviously be using a locking system. As mentioned previously, keys and even access cards can get into the wrong hands. By educating tenants about keeping their keys secure and never lending them out can help keep unwanted individuals off the premises and away from tenant's goods. Furthermore, warn them to always be aware of what's happening around them while onsite. Are their suspicious individuals meandering about or is someone following them to their space? Informed tenants can actually help boost security-free of charge!