Steel Buildings for Industrial Uses

Industrial Steel BuildingIndustrial buildings can act as warehouses, assembly facilities or workshops. They usually have offices a part of the layout, as well. Different parts of the building may have different functions and different requirements.

Chances are good that one of our buildings would be a long lasting, highly functional, and economical choice. We've designed metal buildings for industrial businesses many times before, and our clients have been thrilled with the results.

Our buildings can be designed and constructed with a clear span of up to 200 feet. They can be up to 400 feet wide with a row of columns in the middle. They can be as long as you need them to be, and they can be built out of intersecting sections. So, for example, we could construct a basic industrial building

simple industrial building layout
or a T-shaped building
t-shaped industrial building
or even a larger and more complex building
example of a complex industrial steel building layout

Of course, with any of these layouts, you can use a mix of cladding types and levels of insulation. For example, the office area might be clad in brick or stucco to give your business a professional image, and well insulated to meet Code requirements and to keep your employees comfortable. However, the facility in back, depending on its use, might be clad in metal and uninsulated. It's easy to see how this type of building could meet the practical and aesthetic needs of almost anyone looking for a small or mid-sized industrial building.

Overhead doors, walk-through doors and windows can be located where they're needed. Our design professionals can give you exactly the layout and the look that you want. Then, you can add interior walls and partitions wherever you need them.

When your building has a strong steel frame by MBMI, you can mount cranes and other equipment to the building structure without a lot of added expense. Just let us know, and we'll make sure that the building is designed properly for the loads.

You'll be amazed by the reasonable cost of our buildings, too. With the look you want, the layout you need, and the convenience and efficiency of using the building's structure for cranes and other heavy duty uses, why would you choose any other type of building for your new industrial facility?